The boy next door


5. A plan...

On Monday Emelie went to school as usual. She was anything but normal, and heard how everyone was talking about that Niall was in Ireland. She heard them talk and she laughed a little bit about everyone else's opinions.


When Emelie left school for the day and came out to the bike instead, she saw how everyone was gathered around an area. She tried to see what it was, but her thoughts were in another direction. She locked up the bike and put the bag in the bin. She knew that the night would be long. She had just Niall in the head and she assumed he would stay away. Therefore, she was surprised when she heard his voice. 
She spun around and saw that he came out of the crowd. He walked with quick steps toward her and he smiled big. She was breathless, but tried to show how happy she actually was. 
"I have the car here and I told your parents that you are with me today." 
Okay? It tingled all over and Niall was quick to lock the bike again. Then he took her bag and walked ahead of her toward the car.


Half the school stood and stared at them. First felt Emelie as small as she could, but then she didn't care anymore. They could stare and she couldn't care. Niall unlocked the car and they jumped in. 
"I didn't want to be without you." Niall said as soon as the doors were closed and he gave her a knowing look. "Every day this week you booked, just to let you know about it. You are mine!" 
Emelie blushed immediately and she felt her whole body tingled. Niall had feelings for her and she wondered how deep they were. He smiled at her, he told her  about his day and he listened to her. Talk about the perfect guy to hang with.


Niall swung toward the woods and pretty soon they arrived at a small cottage. 
"My grandmother owns it!" he said, smiling wide. "There's such a place where we can be alone from everyone else." 
Emelie liked the cottage directly and noted that it looked like an ordinary cottage. Small, but sweet! She jumped out of the car and looked at the area. There were forests around them and it felt as if they had come to the worlds end. Still, it was wonderful to get to experience it with Niall.


A kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a small toilet. The only thing that seemed unique was that there was a fireplace and Niall turned on a fire in it. Then he watched her carefully. Emelie went around and looked at the photos, on things and on the boards. It was such a cozy place and she liked Nialls grandmother, also Emelie hadn't talked much with her.


Niall stood right as it was behind her. He took his hands around her waist and pressed himself lightly against her. She felt his lips on her neck and slowly he got her to want more. His hands pulled up the dress and landed on her panties. He pulled them down without asking and then he began to caress her. Emelie whimpered  and showed the whole body that she wanted. Niall seemed to only have sex in the head, but she didn't care. They had in common, and why not? She spread lightly on her feet and immediately penetrate one of his fingers. She felt how he got her to shake, and she pressed herself against him. Niall pulled down his pants with the other hand and made so that he was naked on the lower part of the body. She felt his boner and he pressed it against her. He became more intense in the kiss on the neck and she knew he wanted her.


Emelie chose to spin around and immediately met their lips. Niall lifted her up against the table and parted her legs. He penetrated and direct them both groaned loudly. She took her arms around his body and let him continue. Niall pushed himself hard into her and then began to work with his hip. He moved quickly and she felt how he filled her. Niall forced down Emelie on her back to the table. He pulled up the dress and began to fondle her breasts. He worked harder and she felt how he bumped into her. 
"I love you!" he got out and immediately met Emelie his eyes. He looked straight at her and his whole face was red with excitement. 
"I love you, Niall." she whispered honestly and directly face lit up. He pulled her away from the table, and laid her down on the floor instead. As soon as he had penetrate, he lay down on her and he kissed her intensely. Emelie took her legs around his waist and they both moaned in pleasure. Niall was as crazy about her and once again ended Emelie up in a dream world. There were just the two and no one could separate them. In imagination he proposed to her and married her. In reality, they had only sex.


Afterwards they showered and put on clothes again. Niall had taken with food and directly he succumbed it up. 
"I don't want to miss a single thing." he said happily. "I bought chicken, rice and a delicious sauce." 
Emelie just smiled and sat down at the table. The whole body tingled and she was just happy. He succumbed and then he sat down beside her. They ate their food and chatted about the little things. It was as if they had known each other for ages, but really, they had only met for three days. Emelie realized how life could change. One day you was sad and the next day you was with one of the most wonderful guy in the world.


After dinner they snuggled together on the carpet in front of the fire and held each other. Niall leaned against the couch and had Emelie in his knee. He held her, kissed her on the neck and sang little songs for her. 

"A question!" Emelie got out. "Have you had a mistress before me or what are this for you?"
Niall was about to make jaws drop. He held her almost harder. 
"Is that what you think?" 
She smiled weak and shook her head. 
"Not really, but I just sat and wondered why you chose me, you can get whoever you want and still choose Emelie from the neighbours house?" 
He laughed lightly. 
"Please, little darling. I can't help that I fell for you and I'm crazy about you?" 
She sighed. 
"So why can't we become a couple?" 
Niall paused and sighed. He seemed to ponder and swallowed. 
"I travel around the world several times a year, I'm recording music and I'm on TV. When should I catch you? When do we have our time together?"
Niall shook his head. 
"If you move to London, it may be possible to have a relationship. If you move in with me, I force you to go with us to the world. And if you get engaged with me you are stuck, but we are too young that."
Emelie gave him a puzzled look. 
"So everything is about you?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, and that's why I can't be with anyone." 
She sighed. 
"I'm going to start studying in the fall if I get into the program." 
"Where to?" 
She smiled. 
"I can choose London?"
Niall was quiet and it was as if he really had something to think about. Emelie almost thought he had fallen asleep, but right as it was revealed that he still was alive. 
"I can talk to your parents and tell them that you can stay in my house?" 
She was about to choke on. 
Niall made ​​sure she looked straight at him and he looked serious. 
"You can stay with me when you study? Whenever I'm travelling, you have the house to yourself, and when I come home, you have me?" 
Okay, Emelie shouldn't hesitate, but she hesitated. She hadn't thought about going further than they had done. She wanted to, but at the same time, she wasn't sure. 
"And I'll get my own room?" 
Niall grinned. 
"Or we can share everything?"



Matt just stared at Niall. 
"So you're saying that my daughter will be staying in London?" 
Emelie assumed that she had responded in the same manner, and it was more Marry who was on Nialls plane. 
"But it's great?" 
Matt disagreed. 
"And when Niall isn't at home? Should she sit alone in a house in the middle of the city? Imagine if it comes robber or what if a guy rapes her?" 
Niall sighed. 
"I live in one of the finest provinces there is, so there aren't such things." 
Matt barely listened to Niall, but after a while he calmed down. 
"And we have to come and see that everything is okay?" 
Niall nodded with satisfaction. 
"Obviously, you can come any time you want!"


"I'm peeking over tomorrow!" Niall whispered before he left her. He gave her a quick kiss and then left the house. Matt came out into the hall and looked suspiciously at her. 
"So he offered so readily?" 
She smiled. 
"I've known Niall since I was little." 
Matt sighed. 
"But he's a man and they want ..." he fell silent. "Let us stick to the truth. Is there something going on between you?" 
She lied and shook her head. 
"Niall's a good friend and I like him." 
Matt didn't believe in her lies. 
"You look at each other?" 
She laughed 
"You look at each other, you and Mom?" 
He sighed. 
"I'll think about it."

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