Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sandra. Sandra was just like another girl, she liked to draw, read and more. But there still was something about her that wasn’t like any other child. She liked horror movies and even more the murdering scenes, she even wanted to try it sometime… Sandra was also very quiet and almost never talked.
The date is 1th of December, 1933.


2. Satan

“Hello Sandra, I see you figured out what you are made for” It said “who, are you?” Sandra whispered “I’m your biological father, some call me Satan and I’m here to help you on your “Quest”, if you want me to, of cause” The strange creature said. Sandra nodded and looked at him. “I’ll give you the powers of me IF you give me something in return, those you kill’s souls!” Sandra looked wondering and after a little time in silence Sandra nodded again. After the nod everything went black for Sandra and when she woke up she fell, Power and Anger! “Now go my dear! Go and make CAOS!” Satan said and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Now the time has come… But she wanted to test out her new powers, so she tried to open the toy chest she had right next to her table. She used her thoughts to open the chest and take her favorite teddy bear and putted it in her hand... “Can I maybe use you?” Sandra thought and looked at the teddy bear. She played around with her new powers when Maid Anna came in.

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