Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sandra. Sandra was just like another girl, she liked to draw, read and more. But there still was something about her that wasn’t like any other child. She liked horror movies and even more the murdering scenes, she even wanted to try it sometime… Sandra was also very quiet and almost never talked.
The date is 1th of December, 1933.


1. Planning

“Sandra, come down and have some breakfast” “…” Sandra didn’t answer “Sandra! Come down here!!” “......” “Sandra if you’re not down here in 10 seconds, then there’s no breakfast for you!!” It was the butler, Lucifer, calling... He has never been nice to Sandra, but mother and father always said “Lucifer is a good man, and he’s always been loyal to the family, so you do as he says!”… And then a thought ran though the tiny and thin head of Sandra’s… You’re the one that I’ll maybe try the “murdering” on… Sandra walked down the staircase and went inside the eating-hall “Hi Sandra” “how are you today??” it was mother. “Do you want to have some breakfast??” “It’s pancakes, your favorite” mother said and smiled at Sandra. Sandra didn’t say anything; she just looked deeply into mothers eyes. “Well…” mother said and shaked the eyes of her. “Do you want to draw with some crayons?” mother asked Sandra “I’ll tell Maid Anna to take some crayons and a piece of paper up to your room” Mother smiled and called after Maid Anna. Sandra went upstairs again and sat down at her little white table and the pink chair. “Hi Sandra” “how are you?” that was Maid Anna that came in. Sandra didn’t answer... She just looked at Anna with blank and empty eyes. “Well… Here we go!” she layed the crayons and the piece of paper down on the table. “I’ll go and talk to your father now, have fun” Anna said and quickly went out the door.

I can’t stand her!!”

“Anna please, you’re her only frien-“

“NO! NO! I can’t stand when she looks at me like that!!”

“Anna, you can’t back out, at least not until the end of the year!”

“I’ll go to my room!”

It was Maid Anna and Father that was talking just outside the door.

So you hate her, huh? Now what should Sandra draw, a cute cow or the plans for the death list? Sandra drew for hours and hours, figuring out what to do, when IT came!...

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