If the question in your head is who is Poppy then my answer is me. Everyone loved me, but when I grew a year old they hated me, at first I hated it, but now I'm used to it. "Why?" because life can't be any harder to me I have bruises all over me, I've been left out on the streets what's worse than that? Now it's too late to help.


2. Finally Freedom

Now that I've died I don't think I will ever see daylight again, but being a dog is sometimes hardship especially if you haven't got loving owners like me. I didn't mind that they put me down. I was happy in fact that I'm finally free from all the suffering that Earth gave to me. I think they loved me deep down and I think I'm still in their hearts, the children were kind to me especially Annie. She was their daughter and she always patted me and yes I know I should have mentioned it earlier, but it only just occured to me how sad she must be thinking I am dead and gone when actually this is so much freedom to me I couldn't have asked for more, but there's no more to talk about as now that I'm dead what would I talk about? Thank you for being there for me Annie and I will never forget you, as you were my kindest owner out of the lot. Also Annie, thank you for telling your parents:

                                                            "A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas."

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