One Direction Preferences

Just some 1D preferences I made! xxx
I will try and update as much as I can.
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1. Where You First Met

HARRY: At the park; It was chilly day, but you needed to get some fresh air, so you went for a walk. Taking in your surroundings you took a deep breath, wanting to get away from everything, the noise, your problems, your life; everything really. You found a bench away from where everyone else was, and decided to take it. You sat down, taking in everything that had happened at home. It wasn't even your fault! Was all you kept thinking, until a muscular voice cut you from your thoughts.

"Lost love?" You scoffed at the question.

"Hardly actually" You replied, not bothering to turn around to look at your question seeker. Suddenly the face of him came into your view. The deep green eyes, the curly hair, the dimples, the smile. His smile made you smile, trying to hide it, you looked down, not wanting him to see. 

"Don't look down, your beautiful"

LIAM: At a meet and greet; You waited in line, surrounded by all the screaming fans, but hey you were one of them. You could just see the top of the boys heads if you stood on your tippy toes, which you were. You saw the top of Liam's head. Just thinking about meeting him sent butterflies in you're stomach. When it was finally your turn you felt like fainting. You walked over to the start of the table where Niall was. He kindly signed your book, and gave you a sweet smile. After you had Niall, Zayn and Harry's signature, it was finally Liam's turn to sign it.

"Hello Love" He practically whispered, so no one else could hear it, but you could. You waved, your cheeks burning red, not being able to speak. He signed your book you had bough, but covered his hand in front of where he was writing. You tried to look, but he had fully covered it. Finally he finished handing the book over to Louis, while smiling at you. You smiled back, and moved in front if Louis, waiting for him to finish, until he let out a chuckle.

"Smooth Payne" He laughed, handing you your book. You looked at him confused, but then got pushed by security. When you had finally made it out of the big crowd, you finally got the chance to look at the signatures on your book. A huge smile then appeared on you're face.

He wrote his number on the book.

LOUIS: At the beach; It was a very hot day so you decided to go to the beach. You never really were the one to go to the beach with someone, it was more of a 'you' thing. You found a spot and placed your towel there. You lay down, hoping to get a tan. You loved hearing the waves crash into shore, as you breathed in the sea water. All of a sudden, someone stood in your sunlight, getting wet drips all over you.

"Sorta blocking my sunlight there, buddy" You said, not bothering to open your eyes.

"Well if it's 'sorta' I guess it's ok then" The voice replied. British, you thought. This time you decided to open your eyes, to look at your 'opponent' as soon as you did, you could see the flash if his smile, his wet swooped to the side hair, and his eyes. It took you a while to adjust to his good looks, when he spoke up. "Like what you see?" He asked, flipping his hair stupidly, you rolled your eyes.

"In your dreams" You replied, shutting your eyes. Suddenly his shadow then moved, as you got your sun back. You sighed in relief and enjoyed the sun you got back. All of a sudden you felt a presence next to you. You turned your head to see the boy sitting next to you.

"Oh trust me, after this you will be in my dreams"

NIALL: A concert; You and your best friend were going The Fray concert. You were supper excited because this was your first time going to one of their concerts, and you could say you were a big fan. You were both lined outside, surrounded by heaps of girls. Some were screaming, while others were trying to contain themselves. There were a few boys here, not as much as you thought, but there was some. You and your best friend were part of the group that was trying to 'contain' themselves. You were both shaking and both nervous, but excited. 

You were screaming your heads off once they appeared on stage. This moment couldn't get any better for you. Suddenly during one of their songs you really needed to go toilet, and it wasn't one you could hold in. You told your friend where you were going, and heading to the toilet. There were a few girls/boys lined up for the toilet, but not much. When you had done your pee, you walked out, heading back in to the concert, when a thick Irish accent cut you off.

"And how big of a fan are you?" You turned around to come face to face with the most attractive boy you have ever laid eyes on. He had messy blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and my god he was just gorgeous. It took you a while to realise he was talking to you.

"A big one" You replied. You then realised he was challenging you, after you had said it. You literally slapped yourself inside your brain.

"Well I guess you could say 'big' is nearly as close as how much I'm a fan" He chuckled. You rolled your eyes.

"Really?" You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes again. There was a small smirk formed upon his lips, before he answered, his voice thick.


ZAYN: At a mall; You scanned the big place, hoping to spot one of your friends you came here with.

No luck.

You had already walked around for what seemed like hours hoping to spot anyone of your friends. You sighed, still searching, but you were as tired as hell, and wanted to flop down on a couch. 

"Looking for someone?" You turned around, to see a Boy about your age, which you had to admit looked pretty hot. 

"Actually yeah. My friends" You replied, turning back around. Seeing no one, so you turned to face the boy once more.

"I can help" He said. Your heart was racing as he spoke to you. The way he talked was so beautiful. The way he even just stood there. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and his hair looked like he had spent hours on it, but you didn't care it looked good. By now you were pretty much forcing yourself to say no.

"Oh no, it's ok, but thanks" You replied, giving him a small smile. You felt bad making him help you, even though he asked, you still felt bad. You turned around, and started to walk, hoping to find your friends, until I hand grabbed your wrist, sending fireworks shooting up your whole body, you were forced to turn around, to become face to face with the handsome young boy.

"Oh no, I Insist" 

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