The Private School Book 1 Of 3 (Werewolf Love Story)

Going to a knew school is hard espically for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.

A book filled with Romance, anger, werewolves, heartbreak and friendship

With an evil pack out to get Jesse's can Jesse protect his mate and her friend before its too late. Read more to find out.



4. Four

A few days had past, it's been a few days since we found out the guys Sophie and I liked were werewolves, but I didn't care at all. But something didn't feel right everyone felt distant apart from Samantha and Jesse, I had no idea what was going on and every-time I wanted to join in on something they would leave me out. I didn't know why they were, Sophie has never done this to me before until now, but today I decided to ask them what was up and why they were ignoring me, this kind of hurt a bit you know, especially my best friend doing this to me.

"Hey guys" I said.

They looked at me for about two seconds and turned back into their little group and started to talk again, you see what I mean they never even talked to me anymore, I sighed softly so they couldn't hear me. Come on Mia you can do this.

"Guys, am I doing something wrong?" I asked.

Everyone groaned and faced me; Seth crossed his arms and looked at me like I was a kid in trouble.

"Maybe it’s because you are too uptight" Seth grumbled.

"What? I haven't done anything to you guys, I've treated you with respect I give all people" I said, this was really starting to scare and hurt me even more. My best friend wasn't sticking up for me; I could feel my heart break into a million pieces.

"What about school all you do is study, study and oh study" Louise complained.

"Yeah and you don't even show up to cheer practice" Britney snarled.

Okay they were really pissing me off; I felt fire boil inside of me. Yes I study because I want to get perfect grades and I do turn up to cheer practice I am always at the back due to some snobby bitches.

"I study because I want to get good grades and I do show up to cheer practice I am just always at the back due to the others pushing me around" I snapped and turned around walking towards my room, I've had enough of this. Maybe I should just leave, I felt someone grab my hand I turned and saw Samantha, "What?" I asked and little snappy well no one can blame me.

"Look Mia I know your hurting, I see it in your eyes but Seth is the one making them say this, when Jesse isn't around he tells everyone what to do, please don't listen to them they are just following his rules like they were told by Jesse" Samantha whispered in my ear.

"What about Sophie?" I asked.

"As I said she is listening to Seth, please don't leave Jesse will be heartbroken if you leave. I've never seen him so happy in my life, he smiles more than he has ever done before and he loves you so much, he never stopped talking about you when you met him" Samantha said.

I smiled softly but shook my head, "I'm sorry Samantha I can't deal with this anymore can you please tell Seth that I love him with all my heart?" I asked.

Samantha sighed and walked off, when I entered my room I started to pack my things, goodbye Sophie and Jesse. Jesse I would miss more than anyone since Sophie doesn't give a fuck her best friend is hurting, when I talked to Samantha it was like I could trust her like something inside me knew her. When I finished packing my back, I placed it onto my shoulders and opened the bedroom window where I jumped out and ran far into the forest. Far away from everyone and everything, I kept hearing noises behind me but I ignored them and it all went black.



I returned home from a football meeting with just the coach and I we were talking about the upcoming game, when I entered the hose I saw everyone but Mia where was she, she was always outside studying or practising the cheer moves. Where was she? I walked into the lounge to see everyone else playing video games, Samantha was looking at them from a far with a frown on her face.

"Hey guys where's Mia?" I asked as I placed my bag onto the ground next to Seth's.

"Probably studying" Seth snarled.

"What the hell is wrong with you all?" I asked and crossed my arms, I needed to know now.

"We are fed up with Mia being too uptight about her school work and other things, she just studies all day and doesn't care about us" Sophie said.

Okay this is just getting weird, Sophie would never say something like this unless she was told to and I knew who had told them to act this way.

"What the hell? She studies because she wants to get good grades to impress her parents and she does care about you, Sophie remember when you ran away and how upset Mia was when she found you with us, yeah she didn't care she just acted like she did" I snapped and walked off towards Mia's room.

Samantha followed me and stopped me from going inside, I raised an eyebrow.

"Jesse I tried to stop her from leaving but she wanted to go, I really tried Jesse" Samantha rambled on.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused as hell.

"She left Jesse, Mia left" Samantha said before stepping out of the way.

My heart broke when Samantha told me what Mia did, she was the one person I cared about after my parents died I never found the right person. When Mia walked into the school I knew she was meant to be mine but my stupid friends pushed her away even Sophie and they didn't even see it, I growled softly and clenched my fist.

"Where did she go?" I asked Samantha.

"I don't know Jesse, but use your wolf and trust it" Samantha said and walked off towards the living room.

I walked into my room where I started to sense for Mia, mates do this thing where they meditate to find where they are and to see if they were hurt, but I had never done it before so I don't know when I would be able to feel her, but when I did my eyes opened and turned to a gold colour. I could see the she was tied up in a basement; oh no Matthew's pack had gotten a hold of her.



When I opened my eyes I could feel my head pounding and man it hurt, but where the hell was I? All I knew could tell was a basement and myself tied up, okay this can't be good not for anyone am I bait for Jesse or are they just going to kill me? I heard the basement door open and close.

"Ah Mia you are awake" A guy said.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked.

"Well Mia I am Matthew, an enemy of your boyfriends pack" The guy claimed to be Matthew said.

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

Matthew just smiled, I knew he was going to do something to me but I didn't know what, I looked around but didn't see anyway of me getting out.

"Well Mia, I want your boyfriend Jesse to suffer" Matthew said.

"But why did you take me?" I asked.

"Too many questions Mia and so little time, but I will tell you this you Mia will not make it out alive, not while I am here" Matthew said and I felt pain flooding through my stomach as he started to punch me and hard.

I cried and screamed out in pain, but I think that fooled him to do more and I just couldn't take the pain and blacked out again. Please rescue me Jesse please; I'm sorry for running away just help me please.



My eyes shot open and I could feel fresh tears fall down my cheeks, they were hurting her because of me but she ran away because of them her and my so called friends. She wants me to rescue her and that's what I want to do but I'm scared of leaving this place and leaving Seth in charge. I heard a knock at my door and I mumbled a come in, I could see Samantha appear with a frown I knew she was worried for Mia, I asked her to look out for her for me. I know Mia is very sensitive when it comes to well everything and I know Mia takes everything to heart and I know why she would, I mean everyone does. Doesn't matter if they are mean or nice it would hurt them just like us.

"Did you find her?" Samantha asked shutting the door behind her.

"Yeah Samantha I did, they are hurting her Samantha" I cried, Samantha rushed to my side and hugged me. "Matthew is hurting her because of me but she ran away because of them I want to save her but I can't leave this place not while Seth is in control" I whispered.

"Shh... Just go I will take control if that is fine with you" Samantha whispered while rubbing my back, I nodded in her chest.

"Please Samantha I don't want Seth to at the moment, not what he did to Mia" I said and wiped my tears off as I sat up straight.

Samantha and I left my room and we could see everyone look at us and I could tell they had done wrong, but Seth seemed proud.

"Well thanks to you I have to go rescue Mia, Seth who as been taken by Matthew's pack" I snapped at all of them.

I heard gasps from everyone even Seth.

"What? Seth told us she wouldn't take it so hard" Marcel said.

"Well she did, she packed up and left because of you guys and now she is probably dying in that basement all because you were listening to Seth when he told you to hurt her" I said.

"We didn't realize what we were doing" Taylor said.

"Samantha will be in charge for now until I get back with Mia" I said.

"Can I come?" Sophie asked.

"No you cannot come" I said and Sophie looked down, I knew she felt guilty for hurting her best-friend but that doesn't make it any different.

When I left I told everyone not to wait up for me since I have some unfinished business with that pack, I transformed into my wolf and ran as fast as I could to Matthew's hideout, I was doing this by sensing for Mia and trusting my wolf. I could see familiar trees as I passed by them and I knew I was getting close and my parents used to take me here as a kid before hunters killed them and Matthew's pack decided they would set up their hideout here so I wouldn't find them but I did.

When I arrived in front of his hideout, I saw two of his scouts outside protecting it and I had a feeling they knew I would come and rescue Mia. The scouts eyes landed on mine, I growled at them which made them smirk but I attacked before they could do anything, I tore them bodies apart limb by limb not caring about anyone but Mia, I transformed back into my human self and made my way into his hideout, any wolf that got in my way I killed, I knew the main members of the pack would be hiding away.

As I reached the basement, I could hear Mia's screams and my heart broke, I should have seen this coming Matthew coming for her. I should have been prepared for it, when I walked down the stairs my eyes landed on Mia who was perfectly fine. It was a fuckin damn tape recorder, the basement door slammed shut and I knew instantly who it was Matthew.

"Ah Jesse just in time" Matthew smirked as he made his way down the stairs towards me, my brow was crossed and he knew I was mad, I could see Mia in the corner of my eye bleeding and this made my temper worse.

Matthew and I growled at each other before fighting we were still in human form, I punched Matthew so hard in the face making him groan in pain but I didn't care I wanted my Mia and that's all I cared about was my Mia. When I finished punching I knew Matthew was going to black out but I gave him one last good punch and watched him fall to the ground, when I walked up to Mia I unchained her and caught her body as it fell.

"Mia wake up Mia" I said and I watched as Mia's eyes open, her brown eyes now staring into my hazel brown ones.

"You came" Mia squealed and hugged me; I smiled and hugged her back.

"Yes I did, we have to get back I think the pack has some apologizing to do" I said and picked Mia up before leaving.




Mia and I had just returned back to our house and walked inside to see everyone sitting on the couch looking at Samantha sternly, I knew she had gotten them under control. Seth was looking upset in the corner along with Sophie.

"Guys" I said which made them look up and smile a little.

Mia looked at me and shook her head, but I had her waist and told her everything was going to be okay and it was.

"Don't you have something to say" Samantha snapped.

"Mia we are sorry, we followed Seth rules and we didn't realize what it was doing to you" The whole pack apart from Samantha and Seth said at once.

Mia just looked at me, I knew it would give her a long time to forgive the,

"Mia I am so sorry for everything, I just wanted to prove to Jesse I was strong and I hurt you, you’re not uptight and yes we know why you study" Seth said to Mia but Mia didn't look at him.

Mia didn't say anything she just cried, I hugged her tightly and took her upstairs where I cleaned her wounds and helped put her pajamas on.

"Mia you rest okay you've been through enough, I will join you soon" I said softly before kissing Mia's head.

Mia nodded and laid down, I smiled and tucked Mia in before exiting the room where I told everyone off again, Sophie wanted to see Mia but I told her no for now. Mia needed to rest we all did, it’s been a long day for all of us, once I sorted everything that I needed to downstairs, I than walked into Mia's room after I had changed into my bed pants. I climbed into her bed and gently wrapped my arms around her waist giving her a goodnight kiss on her neck.

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