Your name is Charlie
Your 19 years old and your mom died when you were 7. Your dad isn't very close to you because he never knows what to say to you.So when you turned 19 your dad got you a car and an a really nice apartment.

One day while your at home just chilling you hear a knock on the door you go to answer it and see Niall Horan standing in the door way you freak out and he says that he was being chased by paparazzi and this was the first apartment he saw so he ran up. You invite him in and get to know him when your best friend Ella walks in to watch a movie with you and she freaks!

You and Niall start to date and things get a little messy��


2. Time with Niall

The next day Ella was busy with helping her mom with shit so you had nothing to do so you decided to text Niall

"Hey Niall" you say

Once your done you go an flop onto your bed.


It was Niall he said hi beautiful you smiled and before you could send another text he said "hey get ready I'm coming to pick you up to take you to the movies what do you want to see?"

You answer and say " ummm I don't know you pick"

" do you like horror movies?" He asked

"Yah there my fav!"

"Ok then, be ready I'll be there in 30 mins"

" bye"

You through your phone on the bed and run to the shower you quickly get out and put on a pair of high wasted shorts that showed your butt in the back but it was hot in Los Angeles so it didn't matter and a black tank top tucked in and a plaid unbuttoned shirt on top with black converse, and through you hair in a messy bun.You quickly put on some mascara and grab your purse and go down stairs by the time you get there you sit down and act like you've been there for a while and Niall pulls up in his range rover and smiles and you. You blush and get in the car.

"That was fast,you look beautiful"

"Thanks,I'm a fast girl" you say smirking

"So what are we seeing Mr. Horan?"


Charlie asked me what we were seeing but I didn't answer


"Oh yah sorry I was just day dreaming"I say lying

" ok so what are we seeing?"

"It's a secret "

"Oh come on tell me please"

"Noo it's a secret Charlie"

I was getting nervous cause I want it to be a surprise but she looked so god damn sexy

I stop the car at the stop light and look at her she looks in my eyes and pouts her lip an gets about an inch away from my face and I start to get butterflies.

"Please baby"

I tap my hand on the wheel not loosing eye contact with her.

"Urrr fine " I say giving up

"Yesss Oki so what are we seeing "

"Your next" I say hoping she hadn't already seen it

"Oh I love that movie it looks so good"

I breath out relieved

We get to the theater and we get out


We get the movies and I get out we walk in and Niall was getting a lot attention from all the fans so I left and went to the cashier and said 2 for your next I pull out my wallet and wait for her to give me tickets I turn around and stared at Niall he catches me and a quickly turn around I here him say something to the fans and I hand my card to the cashier but Niall snatches it before I'm able to give it to her

" I'm paying "

"No its fine" I say trying to grab my card he pulls it farther away so I just grab another one in my wallet he grabs my wallet and I sign

" give it back" I say giggling

"No I'm paying" he says proudly

I jump up and try to grab my wallet but I was to high I hear the cashier laughing and I turn around and say

" I know what I great friend huh" I say laughing I turn back to Niall and my wallet was gone

I open my mouth and say

" where's my wallet?"

He lifts his shirt and I see his sexy 6 pack I widen my eyes in amazement I look lower and suddenly see my wallet in his pants

"Ewwww get my wallet out of there!"

" nope" he says putting his shirt down and handing his card to the cashier she hands it back and gives us the tickets

We go to the food stand and he orders sour patch kids and I laugh and say

"That's my favorite candy!"

He laughs and pays an we walk in to the movie

We sit down and turn off our phones

Once the movie started we opened the candy and started to eat them all

The movie was really scary and I grabbed on to Niall's biceps a lot and I could tell he was scared to cause he would flinch at really scary parts. In the middle of the movie I though about my wallet and whispered in his ear

" can I have my wallet back now?"


Charlie was grabbing my arms a lot which I didn't mind.

" can I have my wallet back now" she whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine, I had completely forgotten about it until she said something's, she really turned me on so I wanted to make her work for it back.

I look at her in the eyes and our faces were inches apart I lean in and she doesn't move our lips right about to touch.


When I saw Niall's abs I was so turned on an I wanted him so bad but I was not just gonna give it to him like that big boys got to earn it.

After I whispered in his ear he leaned in to kiss me and I didn't move our faces were so close I could feel his warm minty breath on my lips.

He whispered back

" stop teasing me!"

I laughed and turned back to the movie

A couple minutes later I asked the question again just normally talking not I loud but not whispering

" can I have my wallet back now?"


I leaned in closer and said

"How about now?"

" No" he said whispering I could smell his sour patch breath I wanted to kiss him so bad!

I leaned in closer and right when I was about to kiss him I bit my lip and he said again

" stop teasing me!"

I leaned in and our lips touched his lips were as soft as cotton candy. We kissed passionately and he licked my lips asking for entrance, I gladly accepted and he explored my mouth looking for my tongue, once he found it I could taste the sour patch like I was eating them it was amazing.

I pulled away and said

"Now can I have my wallet back?"

" sure"

I opened my hand


" get it!" He said biting his bottom lip

I looked in his big blue eyes and nodded

I took my left hand and lifted his shirt up, we were siting at the very top row were the projector was so no one could see

I felt his abs and bit my lips right before grabbing my wallet he kissed me once more and I just let my hand completely loose and totally forgot about his pants so basically my hand was just sitting on his dick not cupping it just sitting there. He pulled away and I realized my hand was there and pulled it away laughing then I looked at him and he gave me an it's ok look so I lifted his shirt back up and reached it his pants looking for my wallet I felt something hard he had a boner I just kept looking I finally found it on the side of his hip bone and snatched it out laughing.

We finished the movie and he drove me back home, walked me to my door and gave me a passionate kiss I pulled away and said

" does this mean we're together?"

"We'll you did touch my dick!"

" I did not I was looking for my wallet!"

"Uh huh! But yah we are together "

I smiled and said

" goodnight I see you tomorrow?"

"Yup <3 night babe"


It was 1 in the morning and I was so tired, I laid in bed in my pajama's and though about Niall's dick and laughed to myself I thought

I was pretty big I was like 7 inches down into his pants when I felt it! That's a big dick! Then I though why did he kiss me right before I mean I saw my wallet I could've just grabbed it but he kissed me. Ohhh I know what he did he putt it in the side so it would take longer to ok for hahha Niall!

I laugh and fell asleep


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