Your name is Charlie
Your 19 years old and your mom died when you were 7. Your dad isn't very close to you because he never knows what to say to you.So when you turned 19 your dad got you a car and an a really nice apartment.

One day while your at home just chilling you hear a knock on the door you go to answer it and see Niall Horan standing in the door way you freak out and he says that he was being chased by paparazzi and this was the first apartment he saw so he ran up. You invite him in and get to know him when your best friend Ella walks in to watch a movie with you and she freaks!

You and Niall start to date and things get a little messy��


3. sexy Niall

The next day you wake up at 10 am and look at your phone you see a text from Niall saying

"Morning beautiful, please meet me at 10:45am at 4326 coy drive Sherman oaks, I want you to meet the boys (being a bathing suit;) )"

You smile and put on your favorite bathing suit it was pink and had sparkles along the side, then you put the bottom on that was just pink, you changed your belly bottom piercing to a gun and hanging hand cuffs.

You put on a purple crop top that said beautiful and a pair if jean shorts you curl your hair and put on sandals and get in your white range rover and drive to the address Niall gave you once you get there you talk to guard and say

"I'm here to see Niall Horan"

He looked at a list and opens the gate.

I drive up to a big ass house and get out of the car I walk up to the door and I knock 2 seconded later Niall answers and I smile big I just in his arms and he spins me around and kisses me passionately and puts you down he gives you the tour of the house and takes you out side were all the boys are you knew who there were but they still introduced them selves to you.

You were so happy.

Niall was still wearing his shirt and he said to you

"Help me take my shirt off?"

"Hahah in your dreams big boy"

You got closer to him and closer right about to kiss him and you grabbed him abs , all the boys were looking and right before your lips touched you pushed him in the pool his shirt was soaking an everyone laughed.

When he came back up for air I was taking my shirt off and he but his bottom lip, I wanted him so bad! The suddenly he said

"Stop teasing me babe!"

"Sorry I had to! That was so funny!"

"Hey I didn't know you had a belly button piercing!" Said Liam

"Yah me neither!" Said Niall

"Yah I got it when I was 15 you know the goth faze every girl goes through it"

"It's kinda sexy"

"Thanks babe"

I jump in the water and just play with the boys until 3 at 3 pm you get out and say to Niall

"Hey guys I'm getting cold I'm gonna get out now"

"ok I'm gonna get out too see you guys at dinner" said Niall

Niall takes me to his room and locks the door

"I'm gonna take a shower,join me?" Niall said

"Sure babe" you say biting your lip

You guys both strip and you go in the shower first,you let the water run down your body and you close your eyes

Suddenly you feel Niall grab your hips and bring you towards him, you keep your eyes closed and Niall says


You just smiled but didn't open your eyes


You laughed and open your eyes he was smiling you looked down and his 7 inch dick was against his abs I bit my lip and he said

"Suck it NOW!"

You did what he said and he threw his head back he moaned loudly you took his dick out of your mouth and you both got out of the shower and you jumped onto the bed you put on your pair of extra black lace underwear and bras Niall came in a bit his lip he jumped onto you and started dry humping you you laughed and felt his boner you were so turned on you wanted him so bad!

"Niall stop teasing me just fuck me already!"

"Ok babe you ready"


Niall took his boxers off and he slide you underwear of with his teeth you first rubbed your hands up and down his dick while he was making out with you then you said

"Fuck me right now Niall!"

He entered you and you moaned loudly

"Ohhh yah!!!!"

"FUCK!" He said

"Babe uh uhhhh uhh don't stop!"

He thrusted faster and faster and faster

"Babe I'm gonna cum!!!"

He takes his dick out and he cums all over your boobs you both jump in the shower and get ready for dinner. You had brought a nice dress for dinner it was a high low black dress that was strapless so my boobs looked really big and pushed up I curled my hair and put on a leather belt so I looked really cute I put on black pumps I walked out of Niall's room and all the boys opened there eyes big and said

"You look hot!" Said Harry

" HEYY!!!!"

I turned around and saw Niall

"Hey babe you look sexy as fuck!"

"Thanks babe!:) can we go?"

"Yah let's go"

Harry and the boy take a limo while you and Niall take his car

Once we get to the restaurant you sat down next to Niall and Liam

Everybody ordered steak and you ordered salad the food comes and in the middle of the dinner Harry says to you out loud

"So Charlie you looked so sexy tonight!"

You smiled and looked at Niall he was clenching his teeth and his fist you grab his fist and put your hand on his dick under the table so Liam couldn't see you whisper in his ear

"Thanks Harry hope you don't mind all the noise me and Niall will be doing tonight!" While saying that you grabbed his dick, he unclenched he fist and teeth and you guys finished dinner.

When you got home, you and Niall made out on the bed for 20 mins he was ontop, suddenly you flipped over and now you were on top you had you legs around his hips they were bent you broke the kiss and took off your shirt you kissed him more and then sat on his dick you started to move your hips and he was getting a boner, you felt it and you both moaned you broke the kiss and lifted his shirt and kissed his happy trail he bit his lip and you dragged you tongue up and down the center of his chest you smile and go to his belt you undo his belt and pull his pants down leaving him only in his shirt and underwear you licked his underwear and dragged your teeth along the edge of his underwear he looked at your boobs and grabbed your shoulder and sat you down on his dick ,he pulled you down to him you kissed ,while sticking your tongue in his mouth and twirling it in his mouth, he broke the kiss and smashes his lips onto your boobs and unclips your bras he sucks your boobs and you moan he let's go and grabs your butt.your laugh and get off of him your direct him towards you with your index finger, he gets up and you walk towards him and slowly pull his underwear down you bit your lip and he takes of his shirt you through him on the bed and he starts thrusting into you he moans and you do too. You kissed him while he thrusted inside of you. Then you stopped and he looked at you

"Babe what's wrong?"

"Nothing I was just thinking"

"About what?"

"I'm fucking Niall Horan."

"Hahaha yup and your really good at it" you smirked and started thrusting again but this time hard and faster!

"Niall y-yyour amazing!" You said stuttering

"Thanks babe you to" he kissed you and kept thrusting into you.

2 hours had passed. You got off of him and jump in the shower you got out and Niall was asleep naked on the bed you decided to kiss him.

You first put his underwear on.Then you put on black underwear with little pink bows at the bottom in the back they said " watch out I bit!" and a matching bras you slowly crawled on Niall and sat on his dick you lenses down and kissed his whole chest then you got to his lips and just started at them then you kisses him and at first he didn't kiss back because he was asleep but then he woke up and he started kissing back he got up and pickled you up with him slamming you against the wall he kissed your neck and whispered in your ear

"I love you"

He smiled and didn't say anything he put you down and he frowned you were smaller so he looked down at you you started to walk closer to him and he backed up,you kept walking until his legs hit the bed then you pushed him onto the bed you jumped onto him and he didn't move you knew that he was sad so you kissed him from the lips down to his dick then you came back up and let your body fall onto his then you licked his ear and said

"Babe, I've loved you ever since you went to X factor but since you good at fucking that's an extra plus!" You could see he got goosebumps at the sound of your voice he flipped you over so now he was on top, he slid his hand behind your back and unclipped you bras you moan when you felt his boner he threw your bras across the room and you sigh.

Harry's POV:

I have been siting on the couch watching tv the whole time while Charlie and Niall have been having sex they are soo loud!

Charlie's POV:

Niall was still on top and was only in underwear as was I then suddenly his door slams open and you see Harry standing there you lift yourself up the Niall so that Harry won't see your boobs

"I think once is enough!"

"Harry get the fuck out can't your see Charlie's naked!"

"Oh yah I see!" He smirks

"Just go to bed! GET OUT! NOW!!"

"Ok ok " and he leaves you sigh and let go of Niall you turn onto your side and he got off of you you started to fall asleep when Niall grabs your waist and pulls you all the way to where he is you smile and he kisses your cheek and you both fall sleep.

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