Your name is Charlie
Your 19 years old and your mom died when you were 7. Your dad isn't very close to you because he never knows what to say to you.So when you turned 19 your dad got you a car and an a really nice apartment.

One day while your at home just chilling you hear a knock on the door you go to answer it and see Niall Horan standing in the door way you freak out and he says that he was being chased by paparazzi and this was the first apartment he saw so he ran up. You invite him in and get to know him when your best friend Ella walks in to watch a movie with you and she freaks!

You and Niall start to date and things get a little messy��


5. Party time;)

You were kinda nervous about Niall coming over and everything... At 1:59 pm there was a knock at the door you had turned of all the lights and shit the curtains,set up red candles everywhere and changed into something sexy but not to much cause you weren't really into all that stuff with whips and shit like that.

You open the door and see Niall standing there with a smirk on his face... You smile and invite him in but he refused you looked surprised he looked at watch and right when it turned 2:00 pm he ran in and picked you up and slammed u against the door kissing you roughly. You smile in the kiss and he sticks his tongue in your mouth u new he was anxious... He took you to the kitchen not breaking the kiss and gently setting you on the counter and slowly taking your shirt off, you did the same will running you fingers up and down his 8 pack

"So fucking sexy " you said under you breath Niall smirked

"I want you so bad!" You laughed at his comment and then there was a nock at the door you sigh and put one of Niall's shirts on and went to open it while Niall turned on the smiled at who it was

"Hi Zayn how are you?"

"I'm great thanks Charlie umm what time are you gonna plan the singles party?"

"Umm I'll invite the girls over at 8:00 pm so I'll be over there at 7:30 pm is that good?"

"Yah great thanks😉"

"Bye now!:)"

"By Zayn:)"

You close the door and look at Niall that is sitting on the couch with his boxers on u laugh and go sit next to him soon enough you fall asleep

You feel someone shaking you gently when u open your eyes you see Niall shaking you, you smile

"Babe you half to get up it 7:00!"

"Oh shit thanks babe!:)"

You smile and jump up, u shower with Niall and put on a dress for the party tonight ( dress: Created in the Polyvore iPhone app. )

You walk out and ALL EYES ON YOU...;)

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