Your name is Charlie
Your 19 years old and your mom died when you were 7. Your dad isn't very close to you because he never knows what to say to you.So when you turned 19 your dad got you a car and an a really nice apartment.

One day while your at home just chilling you hear a knock on the door you go to answer it and see Niall Horan standing in the door way you freak out and he says that he was being chased by paparazzi and this was the first apartment he saw so he ran up. You invite him in and get to know him when your best friend Ella walks in to watch a movie with you and she freaks!

You and Niall start to date and things get a little messy��


1. Charlie

"Morning Charlie, how is the new car and the new apartment going?" He said on the phone

"Good, Dad it's the first day I'm still unpacking"

"Ok we'll if there's any problem call me"

"Ok dad bye"

Once I hang up I decided to invite Ella over to watch a movie

Once I'm out of the shower, I go into one of the boxes and put on a pair of red lace Victoria secret bras and underwear and put on pajama shorts which you can see my underwear on the side but it didn't matter cause me and Ella were just watching a movie at home and threw on a pajama crop top that says " Sorry boys I'm a Niall girl". By the time I was done there was a nock which was weird cause I hadn't called Ella yet you answer the door and see standing in the doorway NIALL HORRAN!!!!!!

Niall's POV:

I had to go somewhere away from the paparazzi for at least a little while I just ran up to a random apartment and knocked on any door and a gorgeous girl opens the door she is brunette and has light brown eyes thick eyebrows and is wearing shorts that show her lace underwear and a crop top that says " Sorry boys I'm a Niall girl" and thought great a fan she will for sure let me stay

Charlie's POV:

He looks at me from head to toe and says

" damn I picked a good apartment " under his breath he looks at my boobs which is wear it said "Sorry boys I'm a Niall girl" and we'll I love Niall but I wasn't about to let someone I haven't even met look at my boobs no matter who it is. So I say to him trying to stay cool

" hey Horan my eyes are up here"

" oh I wasn't staring there I was gonna say that you have good taste in clothes" he says and smirks u breath out and say

" what are you doing here?" He puts his hand out and says

" Hi I'm Niall Horan and I was being chased my paparazzi and this was the first apartment I saw so I ran in sorry but can I stay here until they leave?"

"Umm sure " you say trying to act calm but inside your thinking OH MY FUCKING GOD NIALL HORAN IS INSIDE MY HOUSE AND WAS LOOKING AT MY SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" umm sorry about the mess I just moved in "

" oh it's fine"

" oh and sorry about what I'm wearing, I wasn't expecting anyone but my best friend I'll go change right now"

" ok but I'm fine with you like that "

"ok" you sit down and there's another nock but this time 5 seconded after the door opens and Niall stand up and looks at you worried u shake your head and remember that I gave Ella the extra key then we hear

" omg Charlie you will not believe how many paparazzi there are out there and I think one directions in town I'm really exi"

she looks up and sees Niall just sitting in the couch chilling with me I smile and she freaks out " oh hi" he says to Ella

" I'm Niall"

" yaaaahhhh I know who you are" she says amazed

"is this real?" She mouths to me, Niall laughs and I nod "holly shit hiii!"

" haha hi " Niall's phone rings and he answers "ok,ok ,ok I'll be write down " he hangs up

" we'll I have to go but I was really nice meeting you Ella" he says shaking her hand he grabs a sharpie marker that was just laying around and grabs my arm and writes in big a number he says " call or text there if ever you want to hang out again" he hands me the marker and puts his arm out I write my number down and he leaves

END of first chapter

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