Your name is Charlie
Your 19 years old and your mom died when you were 7. Your dad isn't very close to you because he never knows what to say to you.So when you turned 19 your dad got you a car and an a really nice apartment.

One day while your at home just chilling you hear a knock on the door you go to answer it and see Niall Horan standing in the door way you freak out and he says that he was being chased by paparazzi and this was the first apartment he saw so he ran up. You invite him in and get to know him when your best friend Ella walks in to watch a movie with you and she freaks!

You and Niall start to date and things get a little messy��


4. breakfast

The next day you wake up and see Niall sleeping next to you with his arms still wrapped around your waist you smile and tip toe downstairs and see Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis just sitting at the table staring at nothing in there boxers

"Why are you guys just sitting there?"

"We're starving and we have know idea how to cook!"Said Zayn

"Why don't you just invite your girlfriends over?"

"We're all single except Niall" said Liam

"We'll I can fix both those problems!" You said

The boys gave you a what are you talking about look and u explained

"First I'm gonna make you guys breakfast, then I'm gonna through a singles party at u r guys house tonight don't worry there will be lots of hot girls!"

"Ok!!! Yay!" They all said

"Ok I'm gonna make crêpes and bacon!"

"Yummy!!" Liam said

You made the crêpes first and put sugar on them you put them on the table and everyone grabbed too as fast as they could you started to make the bacon and wen u were done u turned around and the boys were right behind you.You smile and they all reach to grab the bacon you quickly pull the pan away from them and say

"What r u guy doing?"

"We're eating bacon!" Said Zayn

"no go sit at the table like proper 20 year olds geez I'll never cook again!" Right when u said the they rushed to the table as fast as they could while they were tumbling over the chairs u grabbed 3 pieces of bacon and put it on a plate for Niall then u set the pan on the table in 3 seconded it was all gone. Then u grab the left over bacon and reach for the fridge when you see Harry in front

"Harry move I'm keeping this for Niall!" U say moving it away from him

"But I want it!"

"We'll u should have eaten it before!"

"Give it to me! You know I think it's not fair that Niall gets to fuck you but I don't!" He says slamming you against the fridge enough to make your chest hurt.You scream he kisses you to get u to be quiet you were so shocked! Right in the middle of the kiss u feel him pulling away, you open your eyes and see Niall running towards you giving you a huge hug everything was kinda blurry because of the tears you weren't crying because he hurt you,you were crying because u didn't think that he was so jealous and mean! You ran upstairs pushing Niall away. He ran after you but u slammed the door right in his face. You packed your clothes and decided to just go home and relax. Right when you open the door Niall was still there.

"You're still here?" You said

"I'll always be here for you!" Your smiled a little bit

"Are you okay Babe?" He asked

"Yah" you bit your lip and said

" you look so god damn sexy " you say while grabbing his dick he throughs his head back when feeling your touch

"Meet me at my house at 2:00 pm SHARP!" You say and release him and walk to your car leaving Niall speechless...

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