Watch Your Back

Kayle is in her last year of highschool. She has dirty blond hair with blond highlights. Kayle is'nt what you call the "popular" girl but still has friends. She is totally in love with a boy named cade, who knows she likes him but still talks to her. There is this one boy who will do anything to date her but he is a no good popular jerk. What happens when that jerk has a plan, and prom is only just around the corner?


3. Chapter 2

"Hey babe." Roger smiled at me. 'I'm not your babe!" I screamed at him. "What ever. anyways, I saw how you looked at that boy, cade, ya. Well, I want to help you get him to be yours." He smiled. "Why would a jerk like you want to help me?" I am curios, of course. "Because I want you to be happy, because I love you. Thats why." I roll my eyes. "Fine. But how?" "Simple, you date me, he gets jealous, we break up, you date him. Fool proof." I think for a moment. "But, what is it doesn't work?" I test him. "Then, you get to kick me in the balls twice. Do we have a deal?" I laugh. "Deal."



It worked. It really worked!

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