Watch Your Back

Kayle is in her last year of highschool. She has dirty blond hair with blond highlights. Kayle is'nt what you call the "popular" girl but still has friends. She is totally in love with a boy named cade, who knows she likes him but still talks to her. There is this one boy who will do anything to date her but he is a no good popular jerk. What happens when that jerk has a plan, and prom is only just around the corner?


2. Chapter 1

I walked into my prison for the next and final year of school. "KAYLE!" I herd someones squeeky voice yell and I instantly knew it was kelly. "KELLY!" We ran to eachother in slow-motion. I swear if we were opisite genders we would be married by now! "Omg kayle I missed you!" She acted all sad and pouted her lip. "Oh, poor baby! You must have died over summer!" I play punched her in the arm. "HA! Not as much as you missed him!" She pointed to a boy, that same boy I loved since grade 6, his smile melting all the girls as he walked past them. "CADE!" I screached and started running to him but stopped when I saw him kissing some girl, some boy stealing girl bamed kat. I felt tears thretening to flood my face, and I let them do there worst. I just stood there stairing. Cade pulled away and I guess he spotted me because I saw his smile being pulled down by gravity into a frown and he headed towards me. I turned around and ran down the hall and his in a closet. I herd his footsteps outside tthe door and as soon as they came they left. I heard the door handle creek and I turned myself into a ball. I looked up and saw the one person I hate most. Ryley Roger.

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