A Path To Love


2. Running Away From Home

Katrina's POV:

"katrina!" Robert yelled. Robert is my step-father, my mother died from lung cancer, Robert has been abusing and blaming me for my mother's death. "Katrina! Get your ass over here!" He yelled. I hurried and walked the stairs and stood in front of him "Yes, father" I'm forced to calling him "Father". "Why did I get a call from Autumn's mother that you left your condoms?! Why do you even own condoms?!" He yelled while holding the condoms I left at Autumn's house by accident."Why is it any of your business? And of course I didn't have sex with anyone if that's what your thinking!" He threw the condoms at my face, "God ! Katrina so stupid just like your mother, she got on my last nerve that she had to leave this world." "Wait?What?!" "Katrina! I killed Juliet, your fucking mother!" "No you didn't she died of lung cancer!" I yelled at him with tears streaming down my face. "Your next to leave this world!" He yelled at me with a knife coming from behind his back. I ran upstairs to my room and locked it quickly,I then grabbed a bag and shoved three outfits and one pair of pajamas and other important stuff, along with the $1000 I been saving up for the college "Yale". Robert was cursing to me to get out of the room. I shriek when I saw a knife go straight through my bedroom door. "Come out you whore!" Robert yelled with so much anger in his eyes. I tried opening the window when I failed because of it not moving it was frozen, I grabbed something hard and smashed the window and then opening the window finally. I  climbed down the tree and to the ground. My door smashed opened and Robert came out looking for me in my room until 5 minutes later saw the window broken and looked out the window to see if I was there. I quickly left and ran 1 hour to a hotel. I entered the hotel and walked up to the nice lady in the front counter, "Hello, my name is Katrina Underwood and I need a one person hotel room." I nicely said. " Alrighty Katrina, all I need is your number." She responded. "555-2345" she then handed my my Hotel room card slot right before I gave her $30. "Hmmm....floor 8 room 225." I walked into the elevator and heard a man call for me, " Hey wait up!" He yelled. I hurried and slide my hand through the elevator door to stop from closing." Thanks." He quietly said. "I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson." " Oh, yeah, from One Direction, anyways I'm Katrina Underwood nice meeting you." I then left the elevator and searched for my room. Once I found it I slid my card through the slot and walked in and closed the door behind me. I dropped my bags and grabbed some cozy pjs and changed. I walked up the bed and fell deeply to sleep.

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