A Path To Love


3. Omg Hey Autumn!

Katrina's POV: 

  I woke up with a massive headache and a knock at the door. "Room Service." I thought " ooh, yay room service!" But then thought, "Wait, I didn't ask for room service?" I freaked out. I peeked the hole in the door. "OMG!" It's Autumn! I opened the door and open my arms up to her. Autumn is my best friend."Hey Kat! I heard what happened with Robert?" She sadly said. I started crying, she wrapped her arms around me to make me feel better. "Hey,what about we have some real room service"

*1hour passed*(and we had our room service already)

"So, what's been up with you?" I asked.

"Nothing, just went shopping as you can see." She said gesturing to a Hot Topic bag.

"Ohh what did you get?" I asked curiously.

She pulled out an Aladdin pullover, a Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt, a Kellin Quinn hoodie,and Aladdin lanyard.

"Nice." I said.

"So, Autumn what did you buy for me?" I continued saying as a joke.

"Umm...Nothing." She replied

"Ugh!" I couldn't help but laugh we then laughed together.

"But,I was just joking, I got you a Batman Beanie along  with a Batman pullover." 

"Oh my gosh!" I shriek with excitement

"Thanks! Let's go do some more shopping now!" I said

" Your kidding right?" She asked

"No, now I'm gonna get dressed."

I walked to the bathroom, took a shower, changed in to a white tank top and put my new batman pullover on, put some yellow skinny jeans, Curled my long brown hair and put on my New Batman beanie on and my Black converse. 

"Ooh Cute!" Autumn complimented me

"Thxs." I thanked her.

Autumn's POV: 

Katrina looked very cute in her Batman outfit so I decided to surprise her with a new outfit I brought  to be twinzies with her because I expected her to wear that outfit.

"I'll be right back."

"okay" Kat replied

I also showered, I got out and got dried and put on a Black tank top and put on a Robin Crop Top, Put on some Red skinny jeans and some Black Flats, and straighten my haired. I walked out the door and yelled "BATMAN AND ROBIN TO THE RESCUE!!!" Kat laughed so hard I did too. "Tw....tw....TWINZIES!!!" She finally yelled out. We walked to the mall and went straight to Rue 21. "Ahh! I'm so buying this!." Kat said with soo much excitement. It was so cute.It had Black all over with a batman sign in the middle. I found this really awesome shirt it was a sleeping with sirens outifit. It had a white tank top with a crop top of sleeping w/ sirens with jeans with lyrics of their songs on them and toms that the right shoe said "Do it now" and the left shoe said " Remember it later". But I couldn't afford it, it was $125 for the full outfit.



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