A Path To Love


4. Mall Trip Continues

Katrina's POV:

"What's wrong Autumn?" I asked, she looked straight at me with her eyes wide open, like in shock "Umm...Nothing, ooh a pretty dress!" She said quickly with a smile while walking straight up to the dress quickly before looking back at the Sleeping with Sirens Outift. I looked at the outfit that she was admiring at,earlier, I smiled then glanced at Autumn. "Are you okay?" I walked up to Autumn, "Yea" she murmured. She walked out the store with empty hands filled with no shopping bags. I looked at Autumn then at the SWS outfit then back at her and smirked. I went to buy the outfit.After paying for my gift to Autumn I turned around and bumped in to Louis, again. 


"I'm soo sorry" Louis said while looking in to my eyes. "Hey,Ka....?"

"Katrina." I said. I looked at the boys behind him, known as "One Direction"

I guess Louis glancing at his friends because he finally introduced me to them,

"Mates,this is Katrina Underwood, I bumped in to her at the hotel."

"Hey,I'm Niall." I looked up at  who seemed to be Niall. "Hi Katrina, I'm Liam". "Hey beautiful, I'm Harry" "What's up I'm Zayn." They all said. "Umm...Hey." I shyly said.

While they all said "Hi" I only looked at Niall, there was just something about him that was different. My cheeks got red when Niall realized it "What's wrong?" He asked. "Huh? Oh umm... Nothing," I responded. "I got to go bye guys" they all said "Bye" back to me. I walked out the store and couldn't find Autumn. I called her,"Autumn,come on pick up." 

"Hello?" "Autumn! Where are you" I asked "At Hot Topic." I hanged up right after and ran over there. "Ooh Aunt Annie's" I ran to fast that I slip on a wet floor."Ahh!" Niall saw me and helped me up, "Are you ok, uh Katrina." Is shook my head. "Thanks." 

"Let me buy you a drink"

"You don't have to." I replied."But, I want to." I smiled.

Niall POV:

She was so beautiful,I wouldn't mind buying her a drink. I just smiled at her, "My turn to ask, What's wrong?" She asked me. "Nothing, it's just your beautiful." We smiled at each other. "There you guys are!" Liam yelled with all the boys and Autumn in his side.

"Katrina, we found your friend, and also we are having a party wanna come?" 

"Sure!" I smiled at Niall and the rest of the boys. "Oh yea, Autumn I got you something." 

I pulled out the SWS Outfit."AHHHHHHH OMG thxs!" She exchanged me with this cute outfit.



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