When Oliver gets sent to a new school he finds out that not every thing is as normal as he thought. With the help of his new friends Elijah and Scarlett they go on adventures into the unknown to save the world.


1. Beginning

     It was the first day of summer when Oliver found out his family was moving. Oliver was a 13 years old he had long brown hair. 

     "What do you mean we're moving? We just got here and I finally made a few friends!" Oliver yelled at his mom.

     "I'm sorry honey, but we are going through some financial issues," his mom said trying to ignore the fact that her child was so angry at her.

     "I'm not going I made one real friend" referring to his best friend Elijah.

      Oliver's friend Elijah was a catholic.Elijah always wore a rosary around his neck. He had freckles all over his face and short blonde hair.

     That night I packed up my things and left for Elijah's house. When I got to Elijah's house I knocked on the door. No answer it was only nine o'clock at night how could they be asleep. I opened the door and crept inside. It was pitch black inside but I kept walking until he found that there were stairs right next to the door. I went up the stairs and felt something on my shoulder I turned around and saw Elijah standing there he had white glowing eyes like something had possessed him. 

     I flipped him over my shoulder and ran down the stairs I kept running until I hit a wall. As soon as I hit a wall looked up the stairs to see his glowing eyes staring at me. I turned on a light to see a door to my right. When I opened the door I saw a red liquid dripping from two bodies. I stood there paralyzed. I couldn't move. If he could do this to his own parents I wonder what he would do to me. 

     As I heard the heavy footsteps get closer I got closer and closer to breaking down. I couldn't stand this anymore. I turned around to see a normal looking Elijah walking down the stairs. He was wearing black combat boots with jeans. He had a normal t-shirt with his rosary off his neck. He looked at me reached in his bag and threw me something. It was a bag with new clothes and he gave me a pair of steel toed boots.

     When I was done changing he made us go to the school. High Woods junior high was a brick building with two stories and a fire escape running up the side of the building all the way to the roof. On top of the roof there was a janitor's closet. 

     When Elijah and I got to the school he said, "I never thought I would want to come here,"

     I chuckled slightly. "Hey uh.. What happened to your parents?" I asked carefully

     "They were infected" he said in a calm voice

     "What does that mean."

     "A couple years ago the government needed to test a new medication. Since we are on an island, they didn't think anything would happen but, when they tested they meds all they did was drop a box of them down from the sky we didn't know what would happen if we took them. Each family took one pack of the meds and kept them at their house. Just the other day my mom and dad both got really sick and took the meds. What happened to them is to gruesome to explain, but the final result was they lost their minds and went pretty much crazy and lost control of their bodies. They came at me with fist clenched and knives," he said. He looked like he was about to cry.

     "I can't even imagine how hard that was for you to-,"

     "Ssshhhh," Elijah said cutting me off by putting a finger to my mouth.

     We waited and heard heels clicking on the ground.

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