Semptember 6th

September 6th is the first day of school after summer Chloe is entering grade 6 she has a very big imagination loves adventuring. shes the 3rd smallest girl in her class she has long blonde hair down just past her hip she is very pretty but here is the event that changed her life


2. on my way

September 6th 5:30am

I was now on my way to school after seeing the note Natalie couldn't come. 

I followed the directions my mom gave me. I had to go to 968 farenate Drive. Hmm.... I said I was now at the school but there was no one there I kept walking I put my hand on the door handle and pulled the door open it was rusty and creaky I was frightened. I walked in the school I walked around the school I opened the gym door I saw somebody i said "hey uh um uh do you know where anybody uh um is" "hey you don't have to stutter I am Melanie and you are"  she asked me "uh i am um Natalie uh um no I am uh Chloe" Melanie replied to me "okay that's a lot of stuttering so the thing is this isn't really where we go to school we go to school at cranberry lake which is down a trail follow me" I nodded my head and we were on our way. we walked down the trail  it was kinda dark kinda creepy but I heard birds tweeting the whole time it was chilly and there was leaves all over. "so we are here" ding ding ding I heard the bell ring "well i must go too class but since its your first day you get to take a tour" Melanie said i nodded.


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