Even if She Falls

You run into a guy named Tom, only to find out that he is the guitarist for Blink-182 and he wants you to join the band as a groupie. Could things between you and Tom escalate? Who knows...
This is my first one, so hope you like it!


4. The Struggled Decision

Once Mark had finished puking in the men's restroom, we all left the bar, Tom, somehow, was carrying me bridal style. I was blushing but I knew there was no way that Tom would set me down till we got to the van. No matter how much I begged, he wouldn't.

"We don't want you to get hurt, so I'm gonna carry you to the van." Tom said calmly, but it sounded like he cared for me. Even though we just met... Do I have feelings for Tom? I've always had a fan-girl crush on him, but do I actually, really like him? I shuddered at the thought. And Tom noticed, well he was carrying me.

"You ok? Are you cold?" Tom said concerned. I looked up at him, not knowing what to say. So Tom put me down, took off his jacket and put it around my shoulders. All the while, I was just staring at him, mouth slightly opened in shock of what I was thinking about Tom. Travis was holding Mark up, not noticing that Tom stopped to take care of me, and unlocked the van. Mark got in with Travis's help and held an empty puke bucket. I guess they knew he was gonna get a hangover.

"So, we've celebrated you on your job, now the fun begins." Tom smiled wickedly. Scared me a bit. Okay, so it didn't scare me a little, it scared me quite a lot.

"What are you thinking Tom?" A bit if fear hinting in my voice, which Travis noticed.

"We're just gonna take you out before the next tour and get you drunk is what Tom has in mind. I'd rather just relax before the next tour." Travis said calmly. Once I knew what Tom had in mind, I wanted to show them what happens when I get drunk. I smiled back at Tom.

"Bring it on." Then I heard the sounds of puking coming form Mark. We all looked at him. "Let's wait till he feels better before then though, agreed?" Tom and Travis looked at each other, then back to me. They both nodded their heads in agreement.

Me and Tom sat in the back with the puking Mark while Travis drove the van to their hotel. When we got to the hotel I looked at them slightly confused, but thankful that they didn't take me to my apartment, for Jack probably would've been there. We have lived together for a couple months now. How am I gonna get my clothes and belongings from Jack's revenge filled clutches?

"Thanks again for taking Jack down and for the new job. There's only one problem..." I said nervously.

"What? You can't be Blink's groupie?" Tom looked at me slightly depressed.

"No no, I'm gonna be Blink's groupie. It's just..." I couldn't get the words out of my mouth, that Jack probably is trashing all my stuff, knowing him that would be part if his revenge plan. "It's just that, if I do go in tour with you guys, I'll need my stuff, but Jack is probably throwing all of it in a trash can and lighting it all on fire. I know Jack, he'll want revenge on me for breaking up with him. And I don't want to be like a princess, where she's saved from every little thing. That's not who I am." I looked at them with a fierceness that I never knew I had in me.

"Alright, but if you call for help, I'll be there." Tom looked me strait in the eyes when he told me that. "I give you my word."

"Same here, you call for help, I'll be by yours and Toms sides." Travis said as he parked in the parking lot of the hotel.

"Me too, I wanna help!" Mark said still drunk and puked once he finished speaking.

I smiled at all if them. I could depend on them, I never knew people like them, not even my parents. But they treated me like a slave after my sister died... I wonder how different my life would be of she was alive... But now's not the time to dwell in the past. I have to try and get my things back, especially my sisters photos, they are the only ones left. It will be easier with their help.

"Thanks it will be easier knowing I'm not alone." I smiled at them again, mainly Tom. Shit, I think I do have feelings for him. Not good, not good at all.

"No problem Amia, I will protect you!" Tom hugged my shoulders and pouted at nothing. I blushed and giggled.

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