Even if She Falls

You run into a guy named Tom, only to find out that he is the guitarist for Blink-182 and he wants you to join the band as a groupie. Could things between you and Tom escalate? Who knows...
This is my first one, so hope you like it!


5. Secrets

"What are we gonna do about a room for me here? I can't go back to my apartment cause Jack will probably be there." I looked at them as we walked through the lobby, Mark had a bucket in his hands.

"We don't need to rent another room." I looked at Tom confused. Tom picked me up bridal style again, "Mark and Travis share a room, and I'm all alone, so you'll be sleeping with me." Tom beamed at me. I looked at him, fairly confused.

"We're gonna share a room?" I started blushing.

"Yup, I'm gonna keep you safe all night." Tom grinned widely but that just made me blush more.

"I'll sleep on the sofa and you'll get the bed, deal?" I asked Tom quietly.

"Nope, won't do. I can't protect you if your gonna sleep on the sofa, we'll both be sleeping on the bed together!" He is a man-child, no other way to explain his silly behavior.

I blushed immediately when he said that we'd be sleeping in the same bed. The same room is one thing, but the same bed? There'd be no way I'd get any sleep tonight.

"It'll be ok, I'll sleep on the sofa. No one should know where I am." I looked up at Tom, I couldn't read his expression.

"No, we will sleep in the same bed, nothing will happen to you. I promise." Tom looked in front of him, not down at me when he said that. The tone of his voice made chills run up my spin. But this time, Tom didn't notice, it was as though he was at war with himself. I wonder what's wrong with Tom.

"Tom, are you ok?" The words came out before I could stop them.

He didn't say anything, so I looked at what he was looking at. I felt a surge of muddied emotion spread through me, none of which were my own. Oh no, please no, don't let my ability come back. I cannot be an over-active empathic again, I was a bully the last time I was like that cause of all the feelings of hatred and pain flooding into me then.

But it was too late, once I get one feeling it'll be hard to ignore the ones after.

It felt like it came into me where Tom was holding me, and it spread through my body, letting me know how he felt, even though I could see it on his face a little.

"Tom I know your not ok, so tell me what's wrong. Please." I looked up at him my eyes pleasing silently at him. He sighed.

"I don't want you to go through what I have, I will protect you, but I will not treat you as a princess like you asked."

"That's not all, there's more, I know it." I was determined to get him to say where his pain was coming from, and if need be, I will tell him about my ability.

"It's not something you need to know." I could feel more pain flow into me, if I didn't get him to say it, it will build up in him and he might kill himself. This is not the first time I've seen someone like this, but last time I didn't know I could've helped her.

I sighed deeply, "Yes I do, I can feel your pain building up inside you, I've felt something similar to this. Last time I didn't know how I could've helped, so she killed herself. I am not letting you die on my watch. So please Tom, just tell me what's wrong."

"Wait, how can you 'feel' my pain?" He looked at me puzzled

"I have an ability, a curse if you will, that let's me feel someone else's emotions, it's called empathy, everyone has it, but mines stronger, almost uncontrollably strong. I felt your anger and overbearing pain, and I want to help, will you let me help you? Please?" I looked at him, with tears at the corners of my eyes.

"Alright, but not here. Somewhere more private, where they can't possibly overhear us. Ok?"

I nodded, but my heart sank, I just told Tom my most sacred secret, I hope he'll keep it safe.

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