Even if She Falls

You run into a guy named Tom, only to find out that he is the guitarist for Blink-182 and he wants you to join the band as a groupie. Could things between you and Tom escalate? Who knows...
This is my first one, so hope you like it!


3. Saved by Blink-182

Oh. My. God... I'm in the presence of Blink-182... I thought that Tom's voice was familiar. I felt like an idiot for not immediately recognizing Blink-182! How was I so stupid and blind?!? As I was waging war within myself, Mark started laughing.

"Well? What's your answer Amia?" Tom looked at me as Travis asked.

I didn't want to seem too eager but I definitely wanted to accept the offer.

"I guess, I've been looking for a job but nothing caught my eye. So I'll be Blink's groupie." I tried my hardest not to look overexcited. It looked like it worked. Until Mark made me blush when he caused a scene by trying to stand up on a chair to get everyone's attention in the bar. He almost fell over but me, Tom and Travis held him up.

"Everybody shuddup! I need to say somethin'." He looked down at me and motioned me to come up and join him. When I didn't Mark looked at Tom and Travis. They picked me up and made me stand on a chair next to mark. Oh how I blushed purple.

"I would like you all to meet the new groupie for Blink-182. Amia!" He grinned and almost fell over again. Tom and Travis started clapping and got the whole bar to join in. Then I saw my ex. The look on his face was as though he thought I didn't see him making out with some girl. He started walking over towards me and the guys. I grew colder as he got closer.

When he reached us, the bar was back to normal, and as he hugged me I stiffened. He looked confused but when he saw my face he knew. He knew that I had seen him making out. He was furious, and he didn't need to be. But I knew he was going to punch me. Jack was the type of guy who punched his problems away. As he was about to make contact with my chest, Tom pulled me to him and Mark and Travis grabbed my ex and held him down. Jack squirmed under the combined weight of Mark and Travis. I was no longer cold, but surprised by Tom pulling me to him. I then began to blush once more.

When I regained my calm, "it's over Jack." I starred down at him in disgust. When Mark and Travis got off of Jack, once they knew he wouldn't try anything, Jack spat at my feet. I lifted my chin and starred down at him again and he waked away. I knew he would come back for revenge, I just didn't know when. I remembered I was still being held by Tom, and blushed again.

"Umm, tom?" I looked up at him,

"Yes Amia?" He sounded concerned, and a little protective. I don't know why.

"First, umm, do you think you could let go of me?"

"No, we don't want you to get hurt by that meanie again, so your not leaving my side." He pouted at me. I knew there was no way to convince him otherwise.

"Well, thanks for saving me back there guys," I smiled at them, but still blushing. Tom jerked his head and Travis and Mark came in for a group hug. I was trapped in the middle and couldn't move thanks to Tom. After some hugging time passed, the guys wanted to buy me celebratory drinks for my new job, I didn't really want to but they pressured me to drink with them.

"So Amia, what's your favorite band?" I looked at Tom unsure of what to say since Boxcar Racer was my all time favorite. So I just went with the truth, even though it might hurt Marks drunk feelings.

"I must admit, my all time fav, is Boxcar Racer." I looked at Tom and Travis. They both smiled, then I looked at Mark, who didn't even notice as he was chugging down a beer. I looked back to Tom, he was smiling from ear to ear, making me laugh. A lot.

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