Supersonic| Zayn Malik |AU

❝Death is inevitable. It's a promise made to us at birth.❞

Arielle is a studious young woman striving to be a chef. Her life is full of going to class, reading textbooks, and hanging out with her friends, until she meets Zayn. Zayn's an illegal street racer, and he wants her, but he's dangerous. He comes tumbling into her life, and everything is suddenly strewn about. What happens when one of Arielle's friends falls for her? What happens when Zayn gets twisted up with the wrong people? It's a story about lust, lies, and a love that develops at supersonic speeds, but suffers dire consequences.

➳ In which he loves nothing more than cars and winning, until he meets her.

WARNING: This story has scenes of violence, mature content, sexual content, drug use/references and foul language, so please read at your own discretion

Started: January 30, 2014
Completed: October 29, 2016



33. Thirty-Two

☠ Chapter Thirty-Two ☠


I carry Arielle through the house quickly. I nearly trip on my own two feet two or three times which causes Arielle to giggle wildly, but I'm determined to get to our room. I'm desperate to feel some sort of release. She's been teasing me all day and I feel like I'm about to explode.

"Zayn," she recites my name in this most adorable giggly voice. "Are we going to the bedroom?" She asks and it causes me to stop, dead in my tracks. Are we?

"Where else were you thinking?" I smirk cockily, knowing that she wants me this bad and in this way.

She shrugs her shoulders and then shyly hides herself in the crook of my neck, peppering kisses along my skin. "Anywhere." She sucks delicately on my earlobe, which causes all of the blood to rush elsewhere. "What's your fantasy, baby?" She whispers sexily in my ear.

Her fingers thread themselves through the hair at the back of my head, and she tugs. "The kitchen counter?" She kisses the corner of my mouth. "The shower?" She asks as she trails her lips up my jaw. "On your car?" Her lips press against the skin above my carotid artery. She's using my own moves on me, and it's working. Knowing that she can feel my racing pulse on her lips is causing my heart to race at a supersonic speed.

"Hm, baby?" Arielle whispers in my ear. She leans back and looks into my eyes, her thumb brushing over my lips.

"You sure are naughty today," I comment. She shies away from my lustful gaze, focusing all of her attention on the collar of my shirt. Her fingers hook into the fabric and she tugs it down until she grazes over the love bite she gave me. She goes from being so f ucking confident and sexy, to adorable and shy in seconds.

I turn around in the hallway and make my way back through the house. I debate whether or not to f uck her out on the deck. She could stare at the stars while I f uck her so hard her eyes create their own stars. But it's so much more tempting to lean her over the hood of my car. I've never f ucked a woman on my car. My insides twist at the thought, knowing that she's the first.

And she'll be the only.

Two of my favourite things: my car, and my girl. I love my car, I love racing, I love the feeling of being inside of it. I love the feeling of being inside of Arielle, but do I love her? I don't know . . . It's all so confusing to me. I'm thankful that she's so patient with me. She stays with me, despite the fact that I haven't verbally professed my love for her.

She's unlike anyone I've ever met. I love her lips, I love her laugh, I love the curves of her hips, her smile, her refusal to see the bad in me, her intelligence, her beauty . . . but am I in love with her? I push the thoughts away and begin carrying her down the stairs.

She could love anybody, but she loves me.

Arielle giggles in my arms as we near the bottom of the stairs. Her hands tantalizingly caress the skin on my chest. My pulse races, knowing I can feel the bare skin of her a ss underneath the dress. As I near my car I place her down. Arielle wastes no time in bending over the hood of my car, "unzip me baby."

I desperately search for the radio remote on one of the tool carts. Once I find it, my hands fiddle with it, nearly dropping it in my rushed state. Eventually music fills the hollow sounding garage and I turn back to face Arielle. She's lying on her back, stretched out over the hood of my car, swaying her hips sexily to the song.

My d ick is already straining against the tight denim fabric of my jeans. "Babygirl," I tease, stepping up to her and gripping her waist.

"Yes?" She bats her eyelashes, as if she's so f ucking innocent and it causes my d ick to stir even more. I lean down to roughly kiss her lips. She moans out, giving me the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth. She rolls her hips against mine, which causes a grunt to erupt within me. There's a lingering taste of wine on her tongue; my tongue reminisces in the familiarly of her mouth.

It feels like home; my arms wrapped tightly around her waist and my lips pressed against hers.

Her small hands grip the waistband of my jeans and she pulls me closer to her. She fidgets with the zipper, eventually getting it down and she wastes no time in stroking my d ick through the fabric of my boxers. "Arielle," I warn, knowing I won't last long when she's this f ucking sinful. She smirks like the vixen she is. She grabs hold of the necklace dangling from my neck, pulling me towards her lips.

My lips move across her flesh, kissing every inch of her skin that throbs under my touch. She looks absolutely delicious beneath me, but she'd look even better naked. "Turn around," I murmur in her ear. She does as she's told, purposefully sticking her a ss out. She sways it, teasing me until I'm weak at the knees.

I reach for the zipper on her dress, and undo it quickly, almost ripping the d amn thing in the process. Once I have the material off her body she attempts to turn around, but I hold her down. "Stay like that, babygirl." She lets out a shudder when she feels my breath on the back of her neck.

I back away from her, attempting to rid of my jeans and boxers, but she gets impatient and she turns around. Once I have my jeans off, she reaches for the hem of my shirt, quickly eliminating the piece of clothing. Her hand instantly reaches for my d ick again, but I stop her. "No foreplay, just bend over and spread your legs babygirl." My boxers and her panties are the only thing preventing us from becoming one, and at this point I'm so desperate I'll tear her lace barely-there panties in two.

Arielle bends over my car, and begins rubbing herself through her panties. "Zayn," she moans out desperately, legs spread wide for me.

"F ucking h ell," I can't even form a coherent sentence anymore. I stare at her legs which stretch from the floor all the way up to her figured hips. I can't take my eyes off her small little fingers as she rubs herself in need of me.

I step forward, slapping her a ss with a hard smack! Arielle hisses a little from the rough sensation, her moan coming out sounding a little like a cry. She recites my name again, and reaches for the waistband of her panties. She tugs them down and kicks them off. She's now completely bare, waiting for me. The necklace I gave her sparkles under the lighting. She releases another desperate purr and that's all I need . . . I'm kicking my boxers off my legs and positioning myself at her entrance.

"Babygirl, you're so wet for me," I say huskily in her ear, the second I feel just how wet she actually is. She lets out a whimpering breath, her chest pressed against the hood of my car.

"It's all for you baby." She cries out when I slide myself into her. She bites her lip and closes her eyes in pleasure.

"No, don't hold back. I want to hear you scream, angel." My statement comes out in a huff as I thrust in and out of her in a quickened pace. Unrelentingly I pound into her, promising bruises and soreness the next day. She bends her head back, and I can tell that the sensation is already overpowering to her. She releases her lip, her mouth falling open in a whimper.

I reach my hand around her body and begin rubbing between her legs, giving her double the sensation at once. She cries out a series of profanities, reaching her arms out forward in a desperate need to grab onto something. Fire instantly courses through my veins as I watch her writhe beneath me.

"You were such a f ucking tease today, it's hard not to f uck you on every surface in this d amn house, babygirl." I growl.

"Zay-" she can't even finish moaning out my name. I rub my fingers faster, knowing she's reaching her high. She twists around to look at me, face twisted in pleasure. I lean forward and kiss her roughly for only a moment before we both need to pull away and catch our breath.

"I know you love my filthy mouth, you naughty girl," I whisper in her ear, and she shudders. My eyes train on our connection when I feel her begin to clench around me.

"C hrist," I swear.

Arielle arches, throwing her head back in the process. "I - I'm going-" she can't finish the sentence.

"Come for me, my angel."

Arielle groans, crying out my name and several profanities. She pants heavily. "That's it baby," I coax her. She whimpers out a few more times, slowly coming down from her high. It's a sound I wish I could hear every day for the remainder of my life. Every single whimper and scream falling from her lips echoes within the garage. I pull out of her, watching in awe as she struggles to regain her breath. "Flip over," I demand and she does as she's asked, lying on her back. I quickly trail a line of kisses from her chest down to her navel.

I waste no time in burying myself in her again. Her fingers instantly find their way to my hair, and she tugs, hard. I place my hands on the car hood on either side of her body, leaning over her. I continue pounding into her relentlessly, feeling the pressure build within me. Her hair is a mess, her skin is flushed, her lips are swollen and stained red. It's a wonder how she manages to look beautiful no matter the circumstances.

I lean in closer to her, caging her in. Her gaze meets mine and we share an intense gaze as I continue my rhythm. My eyes dart down to her t its which are freely and harshly bouncing everywhere. Arielle moans out again, throwing her head back. I take the opportunity to mark her skin, sucking harshly on her neck.

"Pin me down," Arielle says as she puts both of her hands together above her head. I quickly put my one hand over her wrists, successfully trapping them. "F uck me harder, baby." C hrist.

I do exactly as she says, pounding into her even harder than before. Arielle rubs her naked foot up the back of my leg, tickling her tiny toes at the back of my knee, and it's enough to drive me over the edge. All the pressure that was building within me is released, and I come inside of her with a series of low grunts and moans in the crook of her neck.

"F uck," I curse, nearly collapsing on top of her small body. I pull myself out of her, staying over top of her body, effectively trapping her against the hood of my car. For a minute or two we don't say anything -- the garage is filled with nothing but the loud music and our heavy breathing.

"Wow," she breathes. I watch her chest rise and fall rapidly, her lungs desperate for air. She smiles when she looks at me, and then she laughs. She freely, and happily laughs without a care in the world. A bit of laughter erupts within me as well, but mostly because her laughter is contagious. Her naked body rolls across the hood until she hits my side, and she shyly buries her face into my chest. "I can't believe we just did that," she says quietly.

"It was fun," I smirk. "We should do it again." I carelessly run my fingers over her hair, admiring the soft texture. I feel her lips quickly press against my flesh as she chuckles lightly. I reach forward, tucking my index finger underneath her chin, forcing her beautiful green eyes to look at me. F ucking Arielle on top of my car was so hot I can't help but wonder why I've never done it before.

She presses her lips against mine. I use the opportunity to roughly squeeze her perky little a ss. We've come such a long way since I first met her. The first time I ever squeezed her a ss she f ucking blacked out. She had a panic attack and I didn't know what to do, and so I brought her back here. Her pulse still wildly races whenever I do the action, but it's for a totally different reason now. Because she loves me and she trusts me.

She loves me.

Arielle carefully lifts her tired body off mine, reaching for her dress that was discarded on the floor earlier. Her first few steps seem pained and awkward which causes a cocky smirk to fall across my lips. I watch her slip the dress on. She sways her curvy hips to sashay the material up her body, and though it's a totally innocent gesture I admire how sexy she looks doing it.

"What?" She asks as she fixes the straps. "Why are you staring at me?" She never looks at me, but her lips are formed upwards in a small smile.

I stand up and take the three steps it takes to stand in front of her. "You sore, babygirl?" I wrap my arms around her, caressing her back overtop of her dress.

"A little," she mumbles out. I feel her palms against my bare chest, and she plays mindlessly with my necklace. She's all shy again.

"You're alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?" I run my fingers over the freshly forming love bite on her neck.

"No, that was hot baby," she whispers. When I look down at her, her green eyes are staring up at me; her lips are formed in a crooked smirk.

"Well-" I start, but my cellphone rings. I sigh heavily, being forced out of her arms. I reach for my jeans, which are lying directly in front of the car. The incessant ringing continues until my fingers finally find my phone in my pocket, and I click 'answer' before even checking who's calling. "Hello?"

"Hey, mate. Where are you?"

"Louis, why are you calling me now?" I growl out, frustrated.

"Where the f uck are you?" He bites. What crawled up his a ss? And what gives him the f ucking right to talk to me like that?

"I'm at home, you f ucking d ick! What do you want?" I yell in the phone. I reach for my boxers, and slip them on awkwardly while holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear.

"Langley's been trying to get a hold of you," he replies. Arielle comes up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. My skin feels like fire against hers, but I try to ignore the feeling as I try to focus on what Louis is telling me. "He wants to meet up Zayn . . . Now."

"Now? Seriously? Can't he f ucking wait?"

"He's pissed with you," Louis says as if I didn't already know that.

"Well can't he f ucking wait until tomorrow? I'm busy," I pinch the bridge of my nose. Arielle pulls away from me then, shimmying her panties up her legs. She bends over in front of me to pick up my clothes, and I take the opportunity to press my crotch into her a ss, being sure to create friction between the two of us. She immediately straightens upwards, throwing her head back until she hits my shoulder. I kiss her neck while my left hand wraps around her waist.

I hear Louis sigh on the other end of the phone, but it seems distant. Arielle's grinding her hips against mine and it's already causing the blood to rush straight to my d ick. "Zayn, you need to be here. If you're not here he's going to f ucking kick my a ss."

I curse aloud after a heavy sigh falls from my lips. "Fine, I'll be there."

Louis lets out a breath of air, "great. We're meeting at the HQ."

The Headquarters . . . great. "Alright, I'll be there in ten." I hang up the phone, and Arielle turns around in my arms.

"Are you leaving me?" She pouts. Her left hand reaches up to caress my cheek, and her eyes fill with concern. She probably sees the worry written all over my face, but she doesn't question me about it.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. Louis needs help with something," I lie. I mean, I wasn't completely lying . . . if I didn't show up, Louis would get the s hit beaten out of him, so I was helping him in some way . . .

"Oh," she says quietly. She hands me my shirt which she just picked up. "I thought he was with Zoe tonight."

I shrug my shoulders while zipping up the fly on my jeans. "Change of plans, I guess." I slip the shirt onto my torso, and quickly peck her lips. "I shouldn't be too long. Maybe just an hour or two. It'll give you some time to get settled in . . . roomie." She smiles.

"Okay." I walk over to the bench and grab my keys. "I love you," Arielle says. There it is again.

I smile at her and quickly press my lips against hers before I hop in my car. I waste no time in putting the key in the ignition, and she purrs to life instantaneously. I rev the engine a few times as I wait for the garage door to open, but the second it's open I smirk at Arielle and then my foot hits the gas pedal, and I'm racing out the driveway.

Once I hit the street it's a blur of corners and curves in the road, accompanied by several missed stop signs and yellow lights, but I manage to get to the HQ in a matter of minutes. I spot Louis' s hitty car parked against the curb in front of the building, with his body leaning up against the hood. He waves at me once he spots my car, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. I park directly behind him in a hurry, and get out of the car. He walks over to me while he drags on the stick of poison.

"The h ell took you so long?" He asks. He stops right in front of my front bumper and leans up against the back of his car. I don't answer him, I just light up my own cigarette and stare at him. "You just couldn't keep your d ick in your pants, could you?"

"You don't know that." I lean against the hood of my car, still glaring at him.

"Well considering Arielle's a ss print is on the hood of your car, I'd say that's a fair guess." Louis points to the hood of my car as he blows smoke past his lips.

I look down in amazement at the metal, but am disappointed and pissed off when I realize that you can't see f uck all. There's no way in h ell he could see a print because there's none to see.

"Wow," he chuckles, surprised that he guessed right. "You sure are one kinky f ucking couple."

"F uck off. Don't be a jealous d ick because you're banging a f ucking muppet," I blow smoke right in his face because he's irritating the piss out of me.

"Why you gotta be such an a sshole all the time?"

"What're you on your period?"

"J esus, Zayn." Louis tosses his cigarette onto the cement, effectively killing it under his shoe.

Just then, the sound of a muscle car reaches my ears and I know it's that blue '67 Pontiac GTO. Inside of that car is the second biggest a sshole of all time . . .


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