Supersonic| Zayn Malik |AU

❝Death is inevitable. It's a promise made to us at birth.❞

Arielle is a studious young woman striving to be a chef. Her life is full of going to class, reading textbooks, and hanging out with her friends, until she meets Zayn. Zayn's an illegal street racer, and he wants her, but he's dangerous. He comes tumbling into her life, and everything is suddenly strewn about. What happens when one of Arielle's friends falls for her? What happens when Zayn gets twisted up with the wrong people? It's a story about lust, lies, and a love that develops at supersonic speeds, but suffers dire consequences.

➳ In which he loves nothing more than cars and winning, until he meets her.

WARNING: This story has scenes of violence, mature content, sexual content, drug use/references and foul language, so please read at your own discretion

Started: January 30, 2014
Completed: October 29, 2016



8. Seven


☠ Chapter Seven ☠


I watch as Zayn's lanky fingers turn down the dial to the radio. He's weaving in-between traffic and there's a part of me that feels absolutely terrified, but as I watch the way his one hand grips the wheel, and the other rests on the gear shift knob I can't help but feel safe. He drifts around a corner and I can't stop the squeal of excitement that falls from my lips. He looks at me and when he sees me smiling and laughing he can't help but crack an actual smile. I can't help the smile that's on my face, I've never felt so alive

When he rounds another corner, he has to slow down because of the traffic. There's an odd silence that passes between us. I can't help but steal little stares at him here and there - he's in his element, and honestly he's never looked better. "So what was that last night?" Zayn speaks up, over the still quiet radio. 

I flip my cellphone over in my hands when I feel the familiar feeling of two vibrations. It's a text message from Zoe. She was thankful that I was okay, but also curious because I'd just spent the night with Zayn, who she only knew as a mysterious stranger. I fiddle with my cellphone and look out the window. What do I tell him? He's practically a stranger. "I just wasn't feeling well," I lie. 

Zayn doesn't say anything. He just stares out the front windshield, frustrated with the traffic. When he bites his lip out of concentration I have to look away because he's much too attractive. You can never be with him, Arielle. Do I even want to be with him? Or am I just really attracted to him? 

"There's a Halloween party tonight. You're coming with me," he says without looking at me. 

"I am?" I ask. "I already had plans with friends." 

"That hyperactive chick?" He clicks his tongue. I say nothing. "Bring her, and don't wear anything too sexy. I know girls like to dress like sluts, but you're mine and I say no." 

"Excuse me?" I turn my body to completely face him, "I'm yours?" I scoff loudly, "I am not something you fucking own Zayn. As of right now, we are nothing." 

"As of now?" He asks. I watch a wicked smirk dance across his features. 

"We're nothing Zayn," I reiterate. 

"Oh we're something babygirl, I'll bet you anything that your legs will be wide open for me in a week," he finally looks at me then. His hand drifts off the gear shifter and onto my thigh, making its way between my thighs where he begins rubbing soft circles. He squeezes my thigh and I jump in my seat. "See? You already can't stand it." 

I scoff even louder this time, "keep dreaming." I can see the corner of his lips turn up into another smirk. He doesn't move his hand off my thigh, and it makes me squirm but only because I'm liking it there. Why? "I am not going with you to this party I have school tomorrow and I have no costume." 

"Well then find a costume," he bites back. 

"You can't force me to go with you," I say. 

"I don't have to." His fingers move closer to the inner portion of my thigh, "you want to be there with me just as badly as you want me to move my hand." 

"What?" I feel another vibration of my phone but I don't bother looking at it. I'm staring at his right hand which is now making its way up one of the rips in my jeans which is right below a pocket. His bare hands are running along the bare skin of my thigh and it's glorious

"See babygirl?" His hand makes its way past the pocket and starts grabbing at the edge of my panties. I don't dare move in my seat. With his other hand he steers around a sharp corner and we're suddenly racing down the freeway. He's weaving through traffic again, and speeding. When my eyes look over to the dash, he's going way over the speed limit. His hand begins massaging the spot where the edge of my panties are. When he sees me begin writhing in my seat his eyes make their way to mine. 

The car comes to a sudden stop and he pulls his hand away from me, much to my disliking. We're in front of the school. "Nine tonight babygirl." With one hand still on the steering wheel he leans towards me as if he wants a kiss. I put my cellphone in my pocket and begin to grab the door handle but his one hand grabs my arm, "c'mere."

When I turn back to look at him, all I can see are his caramel eyes and his red lips. His hand grabs the back of my neck and he pulls me towards him. There's maybe enough space between our lips that you could fit two fingers. "Remember Arielle, I will not wait forever."  His fingers are still on the back of my neck, and it's almost as if they're on fire. Every single nerve ending is being set on fire, and it's an incredible feeling. 

My eyes dart down to his lips, which are still a shade of light red like earlier this morning. I take the time to take in his features - the earrings hanging from his ears, the stubble that speckles his skin, and eventually my eyes make their way back up to his eyes. He stares at my eyes for a moment and then they move downwards - towards my lips. 

I dart forward and press my lips to his. Zayn grunts the second I press my lips to his, but he doesn't hesitate for long. His lips are soft, but he's rough and he tries pushing his tongue past my lips. I bite down on his lower lip and open my eyes as I pull. I watch his eyes flutter open too and they're darker - filled with lust. I bite down hard, and he grunts. When I pull away from him he's putting his index finger to his lower lip, which is drawing blood. "Fuck," he murmurs. He sucks the blood off his finger before looking back towards me. His eyes are still filled with lust. He's not angry with me for biting him, he's turned on. "Nine tonight Arielle," his front teeth have some blood on them. 

I just stare at him for a moment before turning towards the door and pulling it open. He takes a moment to adjust himself before he speeds off. I walk towards the campus and head straight for my room.


"So wait, you didn't fuck?" Zoe asks. She throws the bag from her newly bought costume onto her bed. 

"No," I explain for the fifth time. "I met up with Zayn, and basically I didn't feel well so I slept at his place and then he drove me here this morning."

"Well that's pretty anti-climactic. I figured there'd be some shagging somewhere," she pulls her Alice in Wonderland costume out of the bag and holds it up to her body in the mirror. "So are you missing tomorrow's class too because Wilson missed you today." 

I throw a pencil from my desk at her, "I should be in tomorrow's class, I'm not drinking tonight and I'll have Zayn drive me back a little earlier." 

"Well this isn't going to be fun if you're not going to drink," she pouts. I look at the clock, it's nearly eight.

"Yes it will Zoe." I sit down at my desk and set out my makeup for the night.



I sit, waiting outside the school for Arielle and her little hyperactive friend to appear. I bite my lip out of habit and hiss when I strike it. My lower lip is still swollen from that little stunt she pulled earlier today. If she would've stayed even a second longer in the car, there's no doubt in my mind that I would've had those lace panties around her ankles with my mouth between her legs. This girl's making me crazy. 

I adjust the black cape of my costume. When I check my clock on the radio it's 8:58. She should be here at any second now. I unbuckle my seatbelt and walk around the car. I lean my back up against my baby and wait for her. It's then that I see two girls walking across the grass, laughing with each other. 

As they get closer I know that it's Arielle and her little crazy friend. My mouth ends up falling open. Arielle's wearing barely anything. She's walking towards me with fire red hair that's long and curled. She's wearing this green corset with a short green skirt, accompanied with netted stockings, and red high heeled shoes. When she nears me I can see the thick black eyeliner, lining her stunning green eyes, along with a shade of green around her eyes. I'm grateful for the costume which covers the growing bulge within my pants. She looks fucking sexy and I have to do everything in my power to not bend her over the back of the car and fuck her senseless

She smirks at me when she's standing just a foot in front of me. I can feel the anger rising within me. Did I not fucking tell her not to wear something sexy? And here she is standing in front of me in a costume that's so sexy that I got a fucking boner just looking at her. "Batman," she comments as she eyes me up and down in my costume. 

I glare at her and her lips curl into another smirk. "Poison Ivy, very sexy," I practically spit at her. 

Her little hyperactive friend pipes up, "wait. Did you guys plan this? To have matching costumes I mean?" 

"No, actually." Arielle says. I don't say anything because I'm fucking fuming and so I just walk around the car and open my door. 

"I'm Zoe, by the way," the hyperactive girl says. She's dressed as Alice in Wonderland, much less sexier, and I don't even bother acknowledging her existence because Arielle's across the car staring at me. When she leans over the car to hand Zoe something her tits get pushed up out of the corset and I grip the keys within my hands until my knuckles turn white. She's not getting away with this. 

I get in the car silently and turn the volume of the music up loud enough that the two of them can't talk. I speed frantically towards the party. The entire drive everyone's silent, like I fucking wanted, and when we pull up in Liam's driveway he's outside with a glass in his hands, ready to greet us. Arielle and Zoe get out and I protectively run up to Arielle's side. She tries walking away from me and towards Zoe, but I grab her waist tightly, "you're not going anywhere babygirl, not after the stunt you just pulled," I whisper. 

She smirks at me, "what exactly are you gonna do about it?" Zoe walks off towards the party, and I grab Arielle's arm.

"I'm serious. You don't get to fucking pull shit like this," I'm inches from her face but she doesn't react. 

"And why not? You don't own me Zayn."

I lean forward and push her wig hair aside, "I think this says otherwise," I say as I kiss the love bite. When I begin sucking again on the already bruised area I can feel her pulse begin to race under my palm. She suddenly shoves me away and runs into the house.

I begin to run after her but Liam grabs my arm, "hey lad, everything okay? 

"That's none of your fucking business Liam. Now let go of my fucking arm," I growl at him. Liam takes a step back and raises his hands defensively. I frantically run into the house, in search of my Poison Ivy, but there's so many people it's hard to find her. It's when I take a step into the kitchen that I see the familiar fire hair, throwing back shots of hard liquor. I run up to her and step in-between her and Zoe, "what are you doing?"

I watch her throw back another shot of hard liquor, "well frankly you pissed me off, and when I'm pissed off I like to drink." She says with whiskey breath. I just stand in front of her, blocking her view of Zoe. When Arielle's ready for another shot she just leans her head around me, "another." She states as she holds her empty shot glass out.

Zoe pours another shot glass full and Arielle throws it back with ease. "Either you need to cover up, or we need to leave," I growl at Arielle, who's eyes are now beginning to gloss over from the alcohol that is coursing through her bloodstream. 

"Let's go dance or something then," she says over the music. I can see the sea of bodies grinding together to the music behind her in the living room 

"I need a fucking smoke," I say to her as I grab her hand and pull her out the back door that overlooks the balcony. When we're outside I look around, thankful that it's just the two of us. I reach into my pocket and pull out a packet of cigarettes. I automatically grab one and place it between my lips, lighting it and inhaling. I can feel everything within me begin to calm, but it's not enough to forgive and forget what Arielle's done to me tonight. I inhale it again and again, blowing large amounts of smoke in her direction. She stares at me with glossy eyes.

"Can I have a puff?" She steps forward and reaches for the cigarette. I don't speak, I just lightly hand it off to her. She awkwardly grabs it from my fingertips and holds it in the most unusual way. It's plainly obvious that she's never smoked before. Arielle places it between her lips and inhales, but it's too much and she coughs. Her green eyes look up at mine with both embarrassment and excitement. She inhales once again and manages to hold some in her mouth. She takes a step closer to me and blows it, directly into my face. I can't help smirking at her, she just looks so damn fucking sexy.

I grab the cigarette back from her small fingers and inhale again. The second I inhale and close my mouth I feel her lips on mine. She pushes her tongue forward, and I open my mouth. The smoke is exhaled through my nostrils, but it doesn't bother her one bit. She tastes like whiskey and cigarettes right now, and it's making this so much more intense. Her fingers find their way upwards to the back of my neck, and my one free hand finds its way to her ass. She squeals when I squeeze her behind, but it's enough for me to break the kiss and I begin nipping the skin along her jawline. When I reach the very prominent love bite I kiss it gently. I can feel her racing pulse. I trail kisses and soft bites downwards even more, and my lips rest upon the tops of her tits, which still look like two water balloons on her chest. I can hear her moan, "okay, okay, stop." I hear her say.

When I straighten upwards she's looking at me, "not here," is all she says. I look around to see that we're still alone outside, but I know for a fact that anyone at anytime could look through the glass door, or could walk around the house and see us. I smirk at her again, before finishing off what was left of my cigarette. In her drunken state she struggles to grip my hand as she pulls me back into the house. She pulls me frantically every which way until she finally finds a bathroom. When we're inside she uses me to push it closed by placing both of her hands on my chest and pushing my back into the door - shutting it firmly. Arielle uses her little fingers to twist the lock, making sure we don't have any unwanted visitors.

I spread kisses all over her skin. I kiss her lips, her face, her throat. When I bite her lower lip and pull, she groans loudly and I'm sure that anyone just outside the door can hear us. But this girl needs to be punished for wearing this sexy little fucking costume, and I don't care if the whole house hears. Arielle leans forward, pushing herself into me. I reach downwards towards her panties, and revel in the feeling of her wetness. She wants me, but I'm not going to give it to her. When I kiss her throat again I can feel her racing pulse, along with her moans and I know that she wants this.

I grip her by the hips and turn her suddenly so her back's the one against the door. I start kissing, sucking, and lightly nipping at the areas of her skin. When I begin placing kisses along the tops of her tits she throws her head back and her hands reach for the helmet upon my head. "I want to see your face," she says and she begins pulling the small helmet from my head. I have to pull away from a moment, and when she's done pulling the piece of plastic off my head she grabs the sides of my face and she kisses me roughly, her tongue pushing past my lips. I flinch for a moment from the pain of my swollen lip, and she notices so she kisses me softer.

I place another kiss to her throat, "you need to be punished babygirl." My fingers make their way down her body once again to touch her through her panties. I bend down in front of her, and place kisses to the bare skin of her thighs. 

Arielle runs her fingers through my hair, "do I now? What about you mister?"

I run my hands along the backs of her thighs, and squeeze her bare ass cheeks, "we'll save that for another time." I smirk when she squeals at the contact of my fingers on the front of her lace panties.  "You're so wet for me babygirl," I use my hands to grip her thighs and pull them apart. I pull her panties to the side and rub my thumb over her clitoris, she throws her head back and moans. When I look up at her she licks her lips and runs her fingers through my hair.

I begin licking, and sucking and she roughly grips my hair within her hands. "Fuck," she murmurs, her back arching against the door. I can see her breathing quickening through her tight corset, her tits nearly falling out. I can feel myself getting even harder. I use a hand to reach up and squeeze her left tit, and she moans even louder. Her fingers grip tighter in my hair and I can tell she's about to come. I pull away from her.

Her breathing is erratic and faltered. Her green eyes look down at me, "Zayn."

"You want me to continue?"  I rub my thumb softly over her swollen clitoris and she nearly screams. I watch her nod her head furiously. I move my thumb away from her, "but you've been a bad girl, babygirl…" I stand up and push her up against the door. "You disobeyed me." She wraps her hands around the back of my neck and pulls me forward. She pushes her tongue past my lips, tasting herself.

Arielle leans even further forward and her teeth graze my earlobe. "Well you do want this to be returned at some point, don't you?" She whispers hotly in my ear and then pulls back. I stare at her emerald eyes, and the beautiful freckles that spot her skin. "If not, I'm sure I could find someone else that'd be interested…" Her hand is rubbing me, feeling me through my costume. I'm intoxicated when she presses her soft lips to mine. Again she runs her fingers through my hair and tugs, hard.

I get back down on my knees and rub her with my thumb. When I look up at her she's smirking wickedly because she knows she's learned how to play my game. "Didn't I tell you you'd be spreading your pretty little legs for me within a week?" I ask. I don't give her the chance to respond, instead I lick and suck her again until she's calling out my name, and tugging wildly at my hair. She explodes around me, letting go to an intense orgasm.

When she's done I lick her one last time and stand up to meet her lips. She kisses me intensely. Arielle has me utterly and completely inebriated. She adjusts her panties and bends down to pick up my helmet. I grab the helmet from her hands and place it back upon my head. "Maybe I should disobey you more often," she smirks before turning around and reaching for the door handle. I reach up her skirt and squeeze her bare ass, and she squeals and giggles before swatting my hands away and opening the door.

 Fucking hell. What has this girl done to me?


A/N: so if anyone thinks arielle is a slut for this, well she somewhat is. it's actually a part of her personality bc she can be really shy and reserved at times, but also slutty at other times (it's all a part of her past and who she once was/now is). idk if i really like this chapter?? it didn't feel as intense as i had intended it to be. 

oh and if you thought it was weird that zayn says 'tits' instead of breasts, and 'ass' and 'fucking' a lot that's bc he's a dirty mouthed man, and it's supposed to be like that 

don't forget to comment x

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