Ghost Train

**This is only going to be a short story**
~ It's been 4 1/2 months since I lost him. November 29th, 2007. He was 17, almost 18. He was partially blind and a little deaf. He could hear a bit. His name was Brandy. At the time I was 8 years old, so it really upset me to lose my dog. A week after dad came home in March 2008, he said he was recently talking to a friend of his, and he had 2 Shetland sheepdogs for sale but he'd give one to me for free. His name was Walter and his wife's name was Shiloh. We could choose between Jersey, a 7month old and Swish, a 4month old. When we went to get him, we had quite an interesting journey... Read to find out! :)


5. Chapter 5~ Freaky Encounter and Picking Our Puppy!

The day we went to get our puppy, we got about 1 hour onto the long dirt road we had to take to get there, and we had the biggest surprise of our lives! We were driving along and a large train came out of nowhere! The train was large and looked very old. The name on the train was "Annabelle's lover" The strangest thing was that there was no train tracks anywhere near here. I wasn't 100% sure but there may have been some before. Another thing was that the train had a weird green glow around it.. We were just watching it and out of nowhere, it vanished! We just all looked at each other and realized, no one just imagined it... We just carried on to Walter and Shiloh's place, no one saying anything. The only noise was the hum of the radio and the sound of our black Ford F-150 truck. 

When we got to Walter and Shiloh's kennel, nobody said anything about the train.

We got to chose from 2 puppies. One was a 4 month old male named Swish, he was really hyper, was hard to catch and was a little saucy when Shiloh tried to pick him up. When they showed us the other puppy, I instantly fell in love! He was 7 months old and he was sold to an older man when he was 10 weeks old, who got sick and brought him back since he didn't have the heart to send him to a shelter. The puppy's name was Jersey. He got along with the older mans cat, and other dog who he got from Walter and Shiloh. He got along a lot better with us and his personality fitted us better so we chose Jersey.

Walter and dad have known each other since they were little and I've always loved seeing Walter. He felt bad about me losing Brandy so he gave Jersey to us for free! that day was the best day of my life because I gained another best friend to help me kope with loosing Brandy. No body could EVER replace Brandy though! 

On the way home.. There was a few more surprises at hand to come..

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