Ghost Train

**This is only going to be a short story**
~ It's been 4 1/2 months since I lost him. November 29th, 2007. He was 17, almost 18. He was partially blind and a little deaf. He could hear a bit. His name was Brandy. At the time I was 8 years old, so it really upset me to lose my dog. A week after dad came home in March 2008, he said he was recently talking to a friend of his, and he had 2 Shetland sheepdogs for sale but he'd give one to me for free. His name was Walter and his wife's name was Shiloh. We could choose between Jersey, a 7month old and Swish, a 4month old. When we went to get him, we had quite an interesting journey... Read to find out! :)


3. Chapter 3~ Saying goodbye

Walking out into our garage that next day and seeing Brandy in the little wooden box dad had made for him the night before practically killed me inside. knowing after today, I would never see my best friend again. In the box with him was his little blanket he would always lay down on carefully placed in under him, not a wrinkle in it, and a little jar filled with his favorite treats. We were going to put his collar in but we decided to keep it to always have a piece of him close to us. Our 2 cats we had at the time, Fuzz and Snuggles, were looking for him everywhere. I felt bad for them because they would always sleep with Brandy at night. I debated on going when they buried him because I knew I couldn't handle watching him go into the ground forever. I went though. Me, mom, dad and my older brother Cody all went to say goodbye to our loyal friend. We all cried. knowing we'd never see that little black dog again..

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