Life as We Know it

Real-life in high school


8. The First Dance


Riley's POV

 I was sitting on the floor, staring down my phone. Sasha promised she would send me some pictures while she was at the dance and I was stuck at my dad's for the weekend. I was dressed in this ( I was reuniting with my old friend Michael. We were going to the Yakima county fair. Right when I got a text from Sasha, a horn beeped outside my house. I look out the window and see Michael. I shove my phone in my pocket and run out to his car. "Sorry, I didn't know you were here." "It's cool." He pulls out of the drive and takes off to the Sun Dome. "So, how's Chelan?" "Cool." He gently nods his head. "You look good." "Thanks, so do you." It went quiet for a minute. "So, do you have a boyfriend?" "Yeah, his name is Jordan." "Oh, what does he look like?" I show him the picture of him on my phone. "Cool." "Yeah. He's kinda rude, but he's working on it." "Oh." He pulls into a parking spot and we get out to get our tickets. I look over to the other lines and see Delihla with Keegan. "Dee!" I shouted waving at her. I caught her attention and she shouted back "We'll wait for you in the park!" "Who's that?" "Oh, that's my friend Delihla. We go to school together." He get's our tickets and we walk into the gates. I see her standing there, almost making out with Keegan. I walk up to her and say jokingly "Get a room." She pulls away from Keegan and asked "Who's this?" She said, pointing to Michael. "This is Michael. We go way back." "Oh." She whispers in my ear "Are you thinking about taking it to the next stage?" I pull back and say "No, that would be awkward." "So...what do you want to hit up first?" "Rides, duh." Keegan said. "Ring of Fire!" I say quickly. I suddenly stop and look down at my phone. I check the message from Sasha and read the text. "I finally kissed Cole!" Then she sent me a pic of her and Cole kissing. I sent her a pic back with me, Dee, Michael and Keegan and said "Guess what I found!"


Annya's POV

I sit outside my house waiting for Cassida to pick me up. "You left yet?" I text her, "Nope, Hadily isn't ready yet!" she texts back, "NVM, I'll ask my mom's BOYFRIEND!" "Hey Will can you take me?" I asked, "Sure is Cassida not her yet?" "Yea." Later at the dance, I walk thourgh the doors of the school right as, "Hey do you to school here or are you a middle schooler trying to barge in here?" A rude senior asked me, "I'm a high schooler.... Freshman." I walk onto the dance floor I see Robert, he doesn't go to school here! I run over to Robert. "Hey....Robert I didn't know you went to school here!?!" I told him, "Yea I transfered yesterday, I've been at 'School Training' it sucked you?" "Daniel and I had a party at speech class yesterday.....There were chips, SOOOOO delicious." "Hey you want a drink?" Robert sounded nervous, "Sure...Hey one sec I need to tell Nicolltte." I ran over to her and told her, she was ok with it, "Hey Robert want to dance?" I said right before we got over to the drinks, "Sure?" as we were dancing he dipped me than kissed me! I ran outside and texted Riley and Sasha the deets, than texted Robert bye and left.

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