Life as We Know it

Real-life in high school


4. Sasha's Background

Full Name: Sasha Madison Secter

Age: 15 (And A Half!)

Personality: Nice, Caring, Smart, Apparently Loveable... Athletic, Go-Getter, Self-Conscious, Gamer, Loud.

Likes: Video Games, Music (Pop Mostly) Technology, Friends, Family, Having A Good Time, Kittehs! (=^()^=)

Dislikes: Bullies, Show Offs, JB, Only Occasionally My Friends, People Who Don't Even Try, Being Late

Other: Has a crush on Cole, But this is temporary at the moment, Doesn't Like Girly Girl Stuff,

Background: Has Been Out Of The USA Before, Was Surprisingly Popular In 2nd And 3rd Grade For Being Smart, Liked Being Center Of Attention For Good Reasons

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