Life as We Know it

Real-life in high school


2. Sasha, Riley, And Aynna's POV

Sasha's P.O.V: Today was the first day of school!! I was super excited and pumped up! My schedule was pretty good, I was with most of my friends. And of course, I figured you would want to hear this. I do, have a crush on a boy. His name is Cole. *Blushes* He has short curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Just my type! :D Next thing you know it, were sitting across from each other in language arts! :D Mr. Banks is my favorite teacher. He is always kind and if you good, he gives out CHOCOLATE!!!! But sadly, as all good things must come to an end, I do have a least favorite teacher. His name is Mr. Schezer (Pronounced Sh-ez-er). He is our science teacher. I don't sit next to any of my friends in this class. D: Oh! I forgot to tell you who my friends are! Silly me! My BFF's are Riley and Aynna. I have all classes with Riley except for advisory, and I have computers and PE with Aynna. School is going well so far!

Riley's P.O.V: First day of school. Bummer. But I get to see Sasha and Aynna! Woop! I think this might be a good year for me. I have this crush on a boy named Jordan. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. We have a lot in common, like telling Cole and Walden that Seahawks are better than Broncos (Sorry "Annya") by calling them the Denver Ponies.

Annya's P.O.V: First day of school, I'm kinda happy because, I love school (Pretty much everything but math) I thought Robert was going to our school this year, while at least I have a crush on Joseph. So far I've had a pretty good 9th grade experience compared to 10th grade, that year a girl (Not naming) told my crush I love him, I HATE YOU!

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