Life as We Know it

Real-life in high school


6. First Day

   Riley's POV

 It's the first day today. I'm nervous. What if I don't fit in? What am I saying? I'm just all tangled up today. This is my outfit for school I walk through the doors of the school and see everybody. I walk up to my locker and try to open my locker. "Dang it!" "Having troubles?" Sasha asked. "No not at all." "Sure doesn't look like it. Hey, your hair is purple." "You now realize that?" "Well I wasn't paying attention." I look over and see Jordan walking with Cole. Sasha runs up to me and starts squeaking. "Look! Look! It's Cole!" She whispered. "So?" "He's with Jordan." "So? Just because I have a little crush on him doesn't mean I freak when he's in the hall." "You freaked when C.O.D: Ghosts came out." "That's because that game is freaking awesome!" "No it's not! It's gory and bloody." "Exactly! It's freakin' awesome. And Hesh is so hot!" "There, that proves my point. You freaked over a game that supposedly had someone 'cute' in it." "Whatever." We walked up the staircase to the computer lab. It was dark and had hi-tech computers in here. "What? This is awesome!" I plopped into a chair and started spinning in it. "So mature." I stopped and said "Thank You!" *In Lang. Arts* "Okay class! Everybody stand across the cupboards in the back of the room." We all lined up in the back. Mr.Banks told us our spots for the semester. He got at my table. "Cole, Jordan, Riley, Marrie at table 4." I had to sit next to Cole and across form Jordan. I was kitty-cornered from Marrie. I leaned back in my chair and exhaled. "What's wrong?" Jordan asked. "Nothing, I'm tired. And sore." "Why are you sore?" "My cousin tripped over me when we were playing football." "Oh. You like football?" "Yeah, I think it's pretty awesome."

Annya's POV

I'm kinda nervous. WHY, my mom drove me to school. I get nervous with stuff like that. Today I choose to wear I died my hair blue over the summer so basically Sasha was the only one who had seen my blue hair, I put my lunch pail in my locker and walked up to the computer lab. As I walk in I see Riley died her purple! "Nice hair Riley."

*Math class* "I will give you your seats and you will sit at these seats till 2nd semester." Mrs.Guffin told the class. I got seat 23,close to Mrs.Guffins desk. I went to the back of the room to grab a math book, and when I sit down I relise I sit right next to my ex-boyfriend. "Hey" I tell him,he ignores me "Just talk to me, it doesn't have to be awkward!" I whisper "Ok hi, will you be my girl friend again?" He whispers to me. I write in my math book, NO you cheated on me with my BFF and told me on my birthday.

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