Life as We Know it

Real-life in high school


7. Drama Hour Comes Early

    Riley's POV

    So me, Sasha, and Annya were sitting at the table. When Jordan and Cole come up, laughing. "What's so funny?" I ask. "We know." "You know what, exactly?" Sasha asked. Jordan leaned over my shoulder and said what happened. "Who told you?!" "Ashton." "I'm gonna kill him." I get up and walk over to Ashton. "Why did you tell Jordan and Cole?!" I said slamming my hands on the table. "Because I got the secret in my grimey hands." "By who?" "She said not to tell." "She?" "Yeah. She." "Amber?" He drooped his head down and sighed. "Yes." Then his head perked up. "But she gave me $100 if I told Jordan and Cole." I shook my head and said "And to think, I was starting to befriend you." I said as I turned on a heel and walked away. I sat back down at the table and saw Cole and Sasha cuddling. 'What the heck is going on?' I thought. I felt arms snake around my waist and heard a deep, manly voice. "Will you go out with me?" I looked back and saw Delihla. "RAPIST!" I quietly shouted as I ran away. "No not me, him." She said pointing to a boy across the room. I carefully looked to see who it was. Jordan. I cocked my head to the side and got confused. "Jordan?" "Yeah. I walked past him and said..." *flashback* Delihla asked Abbey if she wanted to go outside. "Sure." So they got up and Delihla walked past Jordan. Jordan grabbed Delihla's hand and asked "Are you Riley's friend?" "We're bffs." "Can you tell her that I wanted to ask her out?" "You mean ask her out for you?" "Yeah, something like that." "Sure." *flashback over*  "Well..." "Well you should go over there and give him an answer!" She said.  I started to walk over to Jordan, when I heard Sasha, Annya and Delihla get up and follow me. I turned around and pointed back to the table. They went back to the table as I signaled. I continued weaving through all of the other kids walking the opposite way. I saw Jordan still sitting there. How sweet. I jogged up to him and said "Delihla said you had a question for me?" "Uh, yeah." "Well...?" "I was gonna ask if you'd be my girlfriend and go to a movie with me?" I gave him a sweet smile and said "Sure."

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