Marred Tapestry

Companion Poem for my novel, Project Galatea.


1. Marred Tapestry

Marred Tapestry


She loves the girl,

He does not care,

This is a tug of war at best.

Is her will mine?

Is my will his?

Are the three of us not one?


Can it be there is a fourth?

Blurring lines give way once more.

Lines I swore never to cross

Are smeared away in my mind, like chalk.


She is me and I am her

And he is me and I am him

But how can that be?


Intertwining threads—

One whole of a marred tapestry,

Grotesque in its beauty:

Half divine, halve mundane.


You ask me who I am.

I am that I am, that I am that I am.

Perhaps twice more—

Perhaps less.


Like a delicate delectable flower

You devour my willpower in earnest,

As a puppet-master you assert your power.

What will I do when my will wilts?


I sleep in a cocoon of tranquillity,

Helpless as can be.

I watch him raise the gun,

I watch her lower it.

Mind over matter or to follow the heart?


He clicks the trigger.

Or perhaps it is she.

Grimly I see that it was me.

I’m a starburst fully ignited.

What is it that you have incited?

Piece by piece I’m chipped away.


Open the door. What do you see?

Four doors and a fifth still forming.

Each door leads to its own labyrinth,

A Guardian Minotaur at every turn.

Who dares brave such a path

To find the true honest Me?


Who am I, you ask?

I might as well be a mirror.

I’ll reflect what you want to see.

Until one day you see no more.

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