Kellin's Suicidal Princess (Kellin Quinn love story)

Amaya Black is a 23 year old adult, who is the singer of her new band "Dark Angels". When her Manager somehow let Amaya and her band meet SWS, PTV, and BVB, Amaya's xenophobia takes over, but she manages it.
Kellin saw Amaya and immediately fell in love when he saw her eyes and learned more about her, and Amaya always loved Kellin. Kellin and Amaya get together, but Kellin learns some surprising facts about her that might mess up the relationship. What will happen to Kamaya? Will the relationship be over or will Kellin look pass her past and continue to love her?


1. Introduction: About Amaya Black

Note: it might be a sucky, miniature introduction, but it's more of an "About Amaya Black" kind of thing, ok?

Song: Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab

My name is Amaya. Amaya Black. I'm 23 years young and I am a self harmer. I began harming myself at age 9. Isn't that horrible. 9 years young. That's sickening, yes. But I had to find my happiness. I had to relieve myself by causing pain to myself. You might want to know more about me... well.

Am I a virgin?

No... at the age of 11, I stayed nights at asylums and days at my orphanage, (I'll tell you what happened to my parents later) and every night I was there, a professional doctor.... Raped me. It scares me to this day, that's why I have this one phobia, speaking of phobias, I should tell you my phobias.

My phobias are Cacophobia, which is fear of ugliness. Contreltophobia, which is Fear of sexual abuse.

Dishabiliophobia, which is Fear of undressing in front of someone

Iatrophobia, which is Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors. And I have

Xenophobia, which is Fear of strangers.

Do I have disorders? Yes. I have an eating disorder and a sleeping disorder.

How do I look like?

Well, I'm emo, and all I wear is black, grey, white, and purple. Sometimes blue. My hair is black, and goes right above my waist. My eyes is two different colors, my right eye is grey, my left is a super bright blue. Like where it's nearly white! And around my pupils is orange, my 3 friends call it the ring of fire, cause it looks like fire.

I am in a new band, I created it with my friends, the band name is "Dark Angels". I know.... it's cool. Anyways, since we're a new band, we're not known for a band who writes songs, we're a cover band. But we'll write songs soon.

Obviously we're liked so much that my awesome manager is letting us meet 3 bands!! The bands are Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and Black Veil Brides, and I love all of those bands! I've been a fan since the bands started. I'm nervous about meeting them, but I know everything is going to go great!

I have to leave.... it's time to aboard the plane to LA. Bye!

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