My Poetry! No. 2

These are just a couple of Poems I wrote & would like to share them.


1. Rachel

Well, where can I start? My friend 'Rachel' is like a work of art. She's an adventurous little thing, and she's sure not afraid to spread her wings.


She can change the oil in a car, teach you how to ride a bike, teach you how to catch 'em fishes, and still has time to do the dishes.


She has Pretty Blackish-brown hair, a stomach of steel, and big blue eye's, And I can a-sure you I am telling no lies.


Well, all I can say is R.A.C.H.E.L. is like music to my ears, and I know that 'Rachel' can face all of her fears.


So, with all my love you are the best, even though you can sometimes be a pest. So, Good-bye, I have to go get some rest.


(for my big sis' Rachel! I love ya!)

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