My Big Book Of Poetry

This is a big book, with many chapters painting a picture of my emotional, sad, and happy times in life. Poetry is my life, and with poetry I have got many things out of my mind and onto paper. Within these pages there are poems from the heart on love, poems about animals, silly short rhyming sentences, and loads more. So sit back, and I hope you enjoy! :D

I shall never stop editing this book, as I shall never stop writing poetry Xx <3 xX

Poetry comes from within my heart, due to my feelings is how it did start.
Poetry is a part of who I am, for readers to enjoy is the main plan.
So read along to find your way, you might even relate to what I say.
Open chapter 1 then off you go, you might enjoy it... You never know....
(02/11/14) --> the poem created above


46. Thoughts & Change

Whenever people make a mistake

They suffer at night while wide awake

A memory road their mind does take

To find an answer for their sake


People later regret the past

They desperatly think of a way to change it fast

They don't want problems to forever last

An idea in their head must be cast


They need to try and arrange,

a good way to make a change

Ideas good and bad do range

Minds sick like a fox with mange


So bedtime is the time to think

Don't let depression cause you to sink

Just because yo do wrong, doesn't mean you should shrink

Be bright, be proud, like a bright shade of pink


You can start over all fresh and new

This is possible no matter what you do

So stop thrashing around in bed moaning what, where, when, and who?

For what I say is true, so true!

This poem is for anyone who has trouble sleeping due to constant thoughts arrizing in their head, and hard choices, and regrets. Just another random poem people :D x 19/03/14

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