My Big Book Of Poetry

This is a big book, with many chapters painting a picture of my emotional, sad, and happy times in life. Poetry is my life, and with poetry I have got many things out of my mind and onto paper. Within these pages there are poems from the heart on love, poems about animals, silly short rhyming sentences, and loads more. So sit back, and I hope you enjoy! :D

I shall never stop editing this book, as I shall never stop writing poetry Xx <3 xX

Poetry comes from within my heart, due to my feelings is how it did start.
Poetry is a part of who I am, for readers to enjoy is the main plan.
So read along to find your way, you might even relate to what I say.
Open chapter 1 then off you go, you might enjoy it... You never know....
(02/11/14) --> the poem created above


38. Sleepovers

Sleepovers can be so much fun

Especially when I'm with my number one

We won't sleep until we see the sun

No sleeping till the night is done


Lots of laughter, and a funny jokes

Every known again gossiping about certain blokes

Get the popcorn out, you pulling faces,  I nearly choke

Crying with laughter, your parents nearly woke


These joyful times we spend in bed

Don't make that dirty, you know what I just said

Every sleepover, I have new ideas brewing in my head

Lots more laughter, your face so red


One of us always brings our teddy

Going to sleep... were never ready

When you got on my rocking horse, you didn't go steady

Done the first stupid embaressing thing already


When sleeping over mine we tend to sing

Pretended to get engaged with Haribo ring

Laughing so hard when your doing that thing

All the awesome things you decide to bring


I call you beast, you call me babe

The childish way we do behave

When dancing around, it's like a rave

Hiding under the covers, like it's a cave


I wish we could sleeover again soon

The way we look out the window, and howl at the moon

Maybe we could sing another tune

I miss acting like a total goon

This poem is for @Rosalind ! This is to do with the awesome sleepovers we have :D 24/02/14

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