My Big Book Of Poetry

This is a big book, with many chapters painting a picture of my emotional, sad, and happy times in life. Poetry is my life, and with poetry I have got many things out of my mind and onto paper. Within these pages there are poems from the heart on love, poems about animals, silly short rhyming sentences, and loads more. So sit back, and I hope you enjoy! :D

I shall never stop editing this book, as I shall never stop writing poetry Xx <3 xX

Poetry comes from within my heart, due to my feelings is how it did start.
Poetry is a part of who I am, for readers to enjoy is the main plan.
So read along to find your way, you might even relate to what I say.
Open chapter 1 then off you go, you might enjoy it... You never know....
(02/11/14) --> the poem created above


20. Rainbow Love

At the end of the rainbow I was told

There would lie a pot of gold

To be honest, I'm now a bit too old

For that kind of imagination to take hold


So my rainbow better lead to love

I don't need money... Coins ain't enough

Life alone is far too tough

I'm fed up of living life so rough

Saw a rainbow on the drive home... thought up a poem instantly :D x 01/02/14

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