My Big Book Of Poetry

This is a big book, with many chapters painting a picture of my emotional, sad, and happy times in life. Poetry is my life, and with poetry I have got many things out of my mind and onto paper. Within these pages there are poems from the heart on love, poems about animals, silly short rhyming sentences, and loads more. So sit back, and I hope you enjoy! :D

I shall never stop editing this book, as I shall never stop writing poetry Xx <3 xX

Poetry comes from within my heart, due to my feelings is how it did start.
Poetry is a part of who I am, for readers to enjoy is the main plan.
So read along to find your way, you might even relate to what I say.
Open chapter 1 then off you go, you might enjoy it... You never know....
(02/11/14) --> the poem created above


45. Leave Me Alone

going from unpopular to quite cool
now theres boys that want it all
they just won't leave me alone
i feel like my freakin mind has blown
please stop bothering me
I'm alright being single and free
It's awkward when you have 4 guys bother you in one day
the way they romatically look into my eyes and just say hey
trying their best to steal my heart
boys from all angles tearing me apart
Why do i even bother to go
I feel so cruel when i constantly say no
but love is something i've always feared
it's a feeling that is just too weird
i always try to run away
one day someone will catch me, then i might stay
but until then i shall roam
so please boys, just leave me alone...!

I wrote this poem because i stressing over multiple boys bothering me in one day... Well that took a little steam out, now i shall calm down... 11/03/14

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