My Big Book Of Poetry

This is a big book, with many chapters painting a picture of my emotional, sad, and happy times in life. Poetry is my life, and with poetry I have got many things out of my mind and onto paper. Within these pages there are poems from the heart on love, poems about animals, silly short rhyming sentences, and loads more. So sit back, and I hope you enjoy! :D

I shall never stop editing this book, as I shall never stop writing poetry Xx <3 xX

Poetry comes from within my heart, due to my feelings is how it did start.
Poetry is a part of who I am, for readers to enjoy is the main plan.
So read along to find your way, you might even relate to what I say.
Open chapter 1 then off you go, you might enjoy it... You never know....
(02/11/14) --> the poem created above


47. Fed Up Of My Life

I'm fed up of crying

While inside I'm dying

When I should be flying

Rather than now sighing

My life I'm defying

When I know that I'm lying


Because deep down I know

It'll never let me go

So now with the flow

My emotions do grow

I have always felt so low

Want to run where the wind does blow


My life I just wanna throw away

Thats all I now ever seem to say

Today I've never felt so grey

Why is it that I always must pay

Now to God I now pray

Help me please if you may


I'm fed up of feeling alone in it all

Deeper down I always seem to fall

Like a speeding bullet smashed into a wall

I'm afraid to walk the very same hall

Once I felt ever so tall

But now in life I feel so small


So please release me or I will run

Life all these years has never been fun

My life has been one big pun

The kind of life that makes you pull out a gun

My problems now weighing over a tonne

I just want to follow the rising sun


As I Look to the stars above

I feel theres no longer any love

Life today gave me one big shove

I want to fly free on the wings of a dove


I want to experience all the things I never did

The house of evil I shall rid

I'm fed up of laying my life down on a bid

Those times behind my hands I have hid

Notice now that I am no longer a kid

You want closure, well I'm closing the lid


My mind is set on leaving it all behind

My happiness I can no longer find

I just want to let my thoughts unwind

Rather than having them all bottled up deep within my mind

How could I have been so blind

I guess in the past I was just too kind


Back then I knew the decision to make

But emotionally scared I decided to fake

To keep the peace for every bodies sake

This nightmare I remain in, I shall never wake

The past fears within make me quake

So scared my child was to the point I did shake


Silently crying almost every single night

For everyday is a big or small fight

But even I have a right To my own opinion, my future in sight

But all I see in my future is white

The kind of brightness like a heavenly light


The fear of death is not a good thing

I'm unhappy and yet, I can still sing

The only way out is with a ring

But I'd never find love, so don't think of such a thing

Anyone now could take me under their wing

I wouldn't care about looks, my past I would fling


I just want somebody nice to hold me to their heart

And say 'everything will be alright, your life can now start'


Finished 8:58pm

Started Today & Finished Today

(upset, and very depressed)

Saturday 1st November 2014

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