Lustful Denial

(((Bleach fanfic)))You are the girl who is a soul reaper. You happen to get stuck in a reception hall with Grimjow, who is in a 'playful' mood.
Yes I know some of the things in the story are not real in BLEACH.
Chapters will go as installments.
Please enjoy!


1. 1

Grimjow sighed and walked over to where I sat. Frozen in fear I stared at him . He was so close that I could smell the faint scent that hollows give off on him. Usually I find the scent repulsive but for some reason this time I found it sweet.

"Ha! Are you mesmerized by me?" Grimjow asked jokingly.

I snap back to reality and jolted up banging the top of my head into his nose. "Ughhh!" He groaned. Rubbing his nose as he looked at me slightly amused.

"That hurt ." He said glaring at me intensely.

"Ahh umm I'm sorry." I said stumbling over my words.

Grimjow frowned and grabbed my chin. "I said, "That hurt."

I shivered from the chill of his fingers and said, "I-i-i'm V-v-very s-s-sorry."

He sighed and squeezed my face with both of his hands. "Repeat after me. I am very sorry Master Grimjow."

I gulp and repeat what he said. When I finished he grinned mischievously and said, "There you go! You finally got it (insert name), but next time say it an your own."

He moved one hand from my face and traced the fingers of the other hand down my cheek and stopped when his thumb reached my bottom lip. "So innocent, you are. I just want to corrupt you; to bring you down to my level." Grimjow said with a stand of desire in his voice.

Shaking his head once he leaned in so close that our lips were nearly touching. "What am I talking about? I'll just take what I want like usual." He said to himself.

He moved his thumb from my lip and grabbed hold of my chin. He then kissed my hard, taking what he wanted just like he said. At first I tried to reject the kiss and struggle but his hand kept my head in place so I gave in, letting him kiss me.

When he decided he was done he pulled away slightly and grinned at me. Then he moved his face close to mine so that his lips were near my ear. "You taste good." He whispered seductively into my ear.

I cringe back denying my lustful feelings for him. I shouldn't even have those feelings! A soul reaper should never have such feelings toward an espata, it's just not right! I'm so ashamed of these lustful feelings.

Realizing that I should try and get away I push him back using some of my spirit energy to enforce the shove. My efforts weren't as fruitful as I had hoped but they were still useful. With him back a good two feet I run to the doors of the reception hall and push. As soon as the gigantic doors began to give I noticed Grimjow's shadow cast over me. He reached out around me and closed the door sealing it with a bakura spell. Realizing that was my only way out I panic slightly and then turned to face him. Mustering all the strength that I could I uppercut him. "What do you want?!"I yell lashing out at him.

Unamused with my actions he forcefully grabbed my wrists and pushed me against the door, pressing his knee between my legs. "I want you." He snarled in my ear angry at what I had done. My spurt of bravery wilted and I began to feel meek again. Noticing me deflate he kissed my neck and asked, "Where did your bite go?"

He waited for a reply but I remained quiet and shivered. He pressed his lips against my neck softly kissing it again. He kept his lips at my neck and I could feel him smile. "Come on I like it when I get a reaction. Humor me please." He mumbled into my neck.

He waited again for a reply but I couldn't give him any because I was to shocked about what was happening.

"Being silent again? Oooh well guess I'll just have to force a reaction out of you." Grimjow said as he slightly pulled a way from my neck.

He removed one of his hands from my waist and held both my wrists with one hand, leaving his other hand free. With his free hand he untied my shikakusho and pulled back my top, exposing my bandage wrapped chest. I press my lips together ashamed and turn my head to the side. Noticing what I did he grabbed hold of my chin and turned my face so that it was facing him. "Don't look away, I want you to pay attention to exactly what I'm doing to you." He said as he placed his other hand on my chest. "So voluptuous and full." He said in a husky voice as he groped me.

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