And I Thought My Life Was Dull

This is a story about love and Romance with a little Comedy and Magic. 16yr. old Miyuki lives alone in a little house in Japan. While her Mom works in Hong Kong and barely has the time to come home, Miyuki takes care of all the chores and still has the time to go to school. So when one Morning Miyuki wakes up to find a beautiful stranger at her doorstep. But who knows what's in store for her then..


1. Another Day, Another Beautiful Stranger.

*BEEP, BEEP! BEEP, BEEP!*  "Ugh, stupid alarm!" I say as I slowly raised my hand out of my warm blanket to turn it off. "Uh.. what time is it?" I grabbed and brung the clock to my face to see the time, as My eye's slowly adjust to the light I see that it's almost 9:00 a.m. "Crap! I'm going to be so late for school! Dang, No time for breakfast, I've gotta get ready!" I said then jumped out of my bed and ran to my closet to get my Uniform for school. "Where is it? Where is it?" I think to myself while searching through my clothes. "Where is it?!" Then remembered where I last had it. "Oh, Yeah! I washed it last night so it would be clean for school and then put it in the dryer, That's where it is, it's in the dryer! How silly of me." I rushed downstairs through the kitchen and to the Laundry room where I had left it. I ran to it and opened the door of the dryer and grabbed my Uniform out of it. "Thank goodness!" I said with joy. Then ran out of the Laundry room and rushed myself back upstairs so I could get ready. "I might as well brush my teeth before I put on my Uniform, I might get toothpaste on it." I thought.So I hurried to the bathroom in my bedroom. I grabbed my toothbrush out of the cabinet and added my favorite Bubblegum flavored toothpaste to my brush and turned on the sink. Trying to hurry and brush my teeth as fast as I could, I took a fast glance over at my calendar on my bathroom door and noticed something.... Not knowing if my eye's were correct or not, I rinsed my mouth out and slowly made my way to the door and saw that it was, was.. "Saturday?!?! Aw, Seriously?!" So frustrated, I ripped the calendar off the door and threw it across the bathroom floor. "Ugh! I should have known it was Saturday, I'm such an idiot!!" Feeling so stupid, I shuffled back through my room, I opened the door to my closet and grabbed an empty hanger and hung up my Uniform. "At least I'll know where it is for Monday." I said as I closed the door of closet and made my way to my bed. I crawled deep into my covers, covering my head with the blanket. I let out a very annoyed sigh and said, "Well, at least *Yawn* I can s-sleep in t-today.." I felt my eye-lids get heavy and myself slowly giving away to sleep, "I.. *BUZZ! BUZZ!* Ugh! I hate this stupid alarm clock!" I said as I rushed my arm out of my covers and slammed my hand down on the the button that turned the alarm off. I pressed it multiple times but it didn't go off. "Hey why is it making a different sound? That's not its usual annoying sound." I say as I reached my head out of the covers to see what was going on with it. And then I noticed something. It wasn't my clock.. It was the doorbell! "What?" I jumped out of bed and slipped on my navy blue slippers and grabbed my robe off the door hanger and put it on and hurried down the steps the lead straight to the front door. While wondering who it was, I began to reach my hand out to grab the door knob. Then I turned it and opened the door.. And a flash of sunshine, shined brightly in my face where I couldn't see anything but the Male figure that stood in front of me, but I used the sleeve of my pink Robe to try and block the sun out. The Boy moved his hand to block out the sun where it was shining in my face and I could see. The Boy stood about '6"ft. tall looked like he was 17 or so, And had dishwater blonde hair and beautiful bright glistening blue eyes! "He's-he's so hot!" I thought to myself in a daze. Then he spoke. "There, is that better?" snapping me out of my daze I spoke."U-uh, May I help you?" Then he responded.. "Yes, Ms. Miyuki, I'm most happy to finally meet you." "What?!" I thought to myself. Then said. "I'm sorry, but who are you? How did you know my name?" "I know everything about you, Miyuki". He said. "Oh, And sorry for not introducing myself sooner, I'm Sebastian!" So confused and wondering what he was talking about I stuttered saying.. "U-uh, w-what do you mean "You know everything about me"? Who are you?!" He just stood there and smiled, ignoring my comment and said.. "May I come in?" Sort of annoyed, I said. "Uh, I don't think so, I'm still not clear on who you are.." He stood there with a questioned look on his face but still had such a sweet gentle smile. Then he said, "What? Are you not going to let you're Future Husband in?" I felt my jaw fall open with shock and questions flooding my mind. And I yelled. "WHAT?! FUTURE HUSBAND?!?!"

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