Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


4. Stark's P.V.O

'URGH' I'm such an idiot. Why didn't i stop Erik from beating her up? i think this as i run to the infirmary carrying Alice's limp body in my arms. I place my hand on her forehand for a brief second only to feel that her skin's gone cold and I notice that her breathing is slow and weak. NO! please Alice don't die, i only just met you and i feel like you're meant to be with me. NYX! PLEASE DON'T LET HER DIE SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER! PLEASE I NEED HER! i plead to nyx in my head. I storm into the infirmary the nurse sees me straight away and rushes over. "My dear boy! what happened to here?!" She looks at Angel's bloody self horrified "She was beaten up by two guys. Just help her! Please!" I tried to sound calm but i was to panicked. "Okay..take her to a bed, i'll make sure she is seen right away" she paused for a moment "If it calms you boy, you may stay in the waiting room for her till she wakes up." I look at her grateful as i lay Angel down. "Yes if it is alright with you ma'am" I bowed before sitting in the waiting room. 

=======================================4 Hours Later===========================================

A rough hand grabbed my shoulder lightly before shaking it "Sir? Sir! James!" i awoke to my name seeing a doctor standing in front of me. "Huh?...yeah?" i rubbed my eyes stretching as the guy smiled "your friend is awake...I-" before he could even finish i rushed from my seat to where she would be resting. "A-angel?!" Her eyes fluttered open as i practically flew over to her. Her lips parted to speak but no sound left her, i smiled as she mouthed my name "shh..i'm here, its ok now." she looked me in the eyes as i stroked her cheek with my thumb in the process of cupping her face gently before moving it to the back of her head so i can help sit her up. I pressed my forehead to hers as she breathed slowly and weakly the same way I felt and saw her breath as i rushed her here a few hours ago. "You're ok now...ugh..i'm so glad your ok...i thought i lost you back there.." She whispered something so quietly i nearly missed it "M-me too....i-i'm glad you're o-ok too S-Stark" I smiled and kissed her temple to comfort her before mumbling against her mark "Get some rest for me...you need it, then you can be more vocal.." She blushed taking the last part in a different way making me chuckle, "not like that Angel." I laid her gently back down and went to stand to leave when she gripped my shirt mumbling something i couldn't hear but i knew what she was trying to say "I'll stay with you..." I sat by the window gazing out of it as the sun rose knowing Angel was asleep again. Today was eventful and i was hoping slumber would take over me soon, my prays were answered when i passed out in the chair...


I awoke to doctors helping Angel eat and drink as they wrote down her vital signs, groaning i cracked my neck before a nurse came over and smiled handing me a plate of food as my stomach growled. I thanked her before rushing my food down as the doctors left us alone, I turned to Angel to see her mouth filled to the brim with food making her blush "Someones hungry" I smirked loving the small blush spread "I lost a lot of blood yesterday so i will be" she hit back smirking before finishing her food and drink as i help her get her shoes on so we can leave this place. I slip my jacket on her before taking her hand and leading her to the cafeteria where we find her group making her let my hand go and run off to them giving hugs as they all show they're glad on how well she has gotten. I join her a few moments later smiling as everyone raises their eyebrows as if to question who the heck i was "Oh yeah this is Stark he's new to the school" They all greet me as three of the girls drool over me so i tease and give them a killer smirk before facing Angel. "I know you just ate but do you want me to grab you some foo-"  "yes please i'm really hungry!" she giggles after as i chuckle "A girl with an appetite, you just joined my good list" I leave grabbing two plates of food when suddenly a girl appears in front of me "Hi i'm Becca! I heard you were new so i was gonna ask if you want me to show you around" she grasps my arm showing of her cleavage , 'Great a clinging whore' ,"I'm fine thanks someone else is already showing me around so bye!" I turn to get back to the table to see Angel fly back and so does the guy from before that beat her up "Angel!" I drop everything and rush over to her as i hear whispers about her 'What a freak' 'woah did loser just do that?!' 'Erik or Aphrodite are gonna kill her' I pick her up into my arms and make she's ok. "Angel?... you ok? Angel...???Angel?!" I realise shes so horrified of god knows what happened so i pick her up bridal style and carry her to the dorms to get her as far as possible from the scene as i could. We soon reach the dorms where i sit her on the couch before crouching in front of her "Angel...come on speak to me. It's me stark. Ang-" I watch her blink back to reality as she looks down at me. "I'm so so sorry Stark, He tried to hurt me again and I suddenly smacked him and we both went flying back. I didn't mean to, I swear! I don't even understand how I did it" "Shhh you're ok... nothing bad about that..ok? c'mere." I held my arms out as she cuddled into them letting me hold her and calm her. I took her hand and held it before kissing it surprising her when suddenly I hit a wall and she just stood there where i was before. "What the..-" "Stark?! I'm so sorry! I'm a danger.." She cried before running upstairs "Angel!!" I would of gone after her but my head starting to pound before my eyes shut closed and i hit the floor out cold...

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