Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


15. Stark's P.O.V

Angel cried in my arms blaming herself for nearly killing Heath, just seeing how hurt she was I knew that her and Heath we're close. I cuddle her closer wanting to keep her for myself and and her to my room where I can keep her warm and safe but I knew the second Heath woke up he will want her...they we're imprinted of course.I scolded at the sight of him passed out, he took my girl away! I shake my head and lean Down so my mouth is by Angel's ear "it's not your fault ok? Shhh calm down you're ok, heaths ok too maybe you should try and sleep" she looks up at me and I wish I could take that pain filled look on her face, she mouths something I can't understand as the others just sit there or stand watching the scene like a soap opera, I go to smile when a groan echos in the room and there sits heath looking dumber than ever. Angel gives me an apologetic look but I shake my head no and pull her closer wrapping her legs round my waist and one of my arms round hers whilst my other hand cups the back of her neck and I kiss her in front of heaths wide eyes, 'Mine..' i think to myself getting angry and jealous. I pull back to see everyone excluding stevie rae looking at me as if i just kissed neferet. "WHAT THE HELL STARK?!" "WHY WOULD YOU KISS HER!" "SHES THE ENEMY!" "SHE'S A MONSTER" I feel the body in my hands tighten in anger? Sadness? Before she pulled away from me showing red eyes after whispering to me "told you not to waste your breath" she turns, leaving the room as i see tears fall down her cheeks "Guys! C'mon, Angel is good! Y'all just being pins in a haystack." Aphrodite smirks at stevie rae before frowning a little "Stevie's right, we are are being bitches to Angel-" she sighs before starting again "Stark, your the only reason her eyes go blue, your helping her the most, keep doing that ok? Guys we need a plan to get Angel back so we can get the-" Angel stands at the door with that attitude written along her face "you guys are way to loud...shut the fuck up please.." the twins go to say something but they notice the pain in her eyes before she looks towards me "if you're planning in leaving..your gonna need this." "She chucks my bow and arrows at me as i catch them when the twins look at her mouths agape "your going to help?!" She just smirks "if you guy can get out of here evil doesnt stand a chance.." her eyes flicker to blue as she turns to them" you need anything I'll try and get it-" "leave with us angel, nyx will need your he-" "nyx abandoned me the day i died. She left me to burn in hell...just ask for stuff and I'll get it, I'm trying to hide as much as i can with my flickering eyes and all so try and find me" she leaves the room once more as i sit there haunted by what she said 'Nyx left her? Her own daughter? And only to fall to hell?' I looked up to see everyone processing the same news Darius coughs before opening his mouth "look we got her on the team now so everythings good, we just need to find a way she'll follow us." I nod before telling everyone to give me a moment as i run out the room "ANGEL!" She turns to see me before rolling her eyes as i quickly run after her and grab her by the waist making her squeal "hey..come with us, me. I need you with us too ya know...i love you so much, actually.." i pull from her and lower to one knee with my fist on my heart "high priestess to be, evil or not, i James Stark wish to be you warrior, i will keep you safe from anything till the day i go. Does my priestess agree?" I look up to see her crying as she drops down to my level and nods "yes stark..i want you as my warrior" she goes to hug me when she suddenly cries out in pain "Angel?!" I hold her bridal style to see new fledgling tatoos along her arms , chest, back and waist now. She whimpers looking at me "dont worry shes showing she still loves you" i smile a she whimpers and cries before mumbling "i love you too mom.." angel cuddles into my chest before falling asleep. My body freezes as a certain voice calls out from behind me "What is going on here??"

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