Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


12. Shaunee's P.V.O (two months later)


I guess you could call these tunnels home now, two months since the incident happened, two months of Stark arguing with everyone about going back to get Angel and try and help her, two months since the immortal fallen angel Kalona was awaken by Neferet with Stevie-Rae's blood. I shivered and walked into the lounge room filled with our group and red fledglings like Angel was, except these guys we could trust and were good. I sat beside Erin as we watched the news when Brandon broke the silence "Neferet is making a big debut about the second leader of the school Kalona and how everyone in the school is happy with him along. The church folk aren't too pleased about her bringing an immortal flying person who has half raven half human children into this town" His cowboyish accent echoed silently as we all nodded a little to show we were listening but really we were scared... Stevie-Rae after that evening soon recovered from the wound and some people were against her since she agreed with Stark to bring Angel here and bring her back her old self. We all knew she missed Angel, they were like me and Erin, Sisters but in a friend relationship. Her eyes widened as she sat up "Look it's Angel!She looks better than the that ritual evening..." She murmured the last bit hinting pain before shaking her head "That could be a sign that she could change, We have to go back!" We all looked at her before Stevie-Rae's eyes saddened we turned to see Stark at the doorway gazing affectionately at Angel through the T.V screen as if she was right here in the room. He came out from his mind trap blinking a little "Sorry..Well anyway I'm going to do a supply run we're running out of food and hygiene stuff so text me if there's anything we need" "Will do" we all replied as I sighed and turned the T.V off and turned to Stevie-Rae "Look we are not going back there! you saw what Angel became" Erin stood with me and continued "She's bad news Stevie, She threw a knife into your stomach for goddess sakes! Get over h-" We heard a spine chilling squawk come from the surface as we heard Stark call out for help. We all run up to see Stark laying on the floor with blood spilling from the claw scratches embedded into his chest as a Raven mocker layed beheaded across the floor. Me, Damien, Erin and Stevie-Rae run over to him as he groaned before passing out from lack of blood. Darius drove over in the truck "Get him in! we need to go back to the House of night, I can't heal a wound like that!" Brandon picked him up and placed him in the back before sitting next to Stark as I jumped into the front with Erik and Damien Jack Erin and Stevie-Rae got in the middle. We were about to leave when Karishma jumped in front of the vehicle "WAIT! Take this! it's another proem vision i've had!" She passes the paper to me through the window before bowing "Good luck guys" Erik drove ahead" Guess we're heading back to the House of night..

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