Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


16. Kalona's P.O.V

'Who knew humans could be so... manipulative' i smirk at the idea and the images of them praising me when suddenly my chest tightened and i saw Nyx looking at me sadly i knew why...'Angel..' my own niece, i had watch her be destroyed, the image she used to be and neferet made her so..dark. i mumble under my breath "Nyx, i'm sorry my love, please do forgive me, I'll try to d-" my prayer was cut off when i spotted the stark boy crouched over holding something. No, someone. "What is going on here?" Before the boy could even process who the voice belonged to he turned round revealing my beloved niece with new fledgling marks, i smile to myself but to nyx also, 'I'll help you get her back my love..' I gaze at the two seeing angel fast asleep with tear stained cheeks then lifting my sight to the boy who looks ready to fight me any second. "Go. I never saw you two and I especially never saw her with new markings" The bow boys eyes widened before he jogged down the hallway "Faaatherr.." I turned to see one of my raven mocker sons Rephiam "you leeet themm go" he hissed out confused of my actions "It doesnt concern you, but what does is the safety of them, i want you and only you to watch over nyx's group. Anything that tries to harm them make sure they know that by my orders they would be disobeying me if to continue " My son nods before flying out the window, I walk the opposite way from where the boy went thinking how i was to get them away from Neferet. Suddenly i felt someone touch my wings, i thought it was Neferet at first but when i was turned then embraced i looked down to see Angel "Thank-you uncle..." My chest tightened as my heart pumped. "How do you kno-" her bright blue eyes pierce into my own "I used to dream about the other world when I was a child, I remember seeing you and my dad and even nyx" I smile at the memories she still has as I kiss her forehead "Merry meet my child..." I stroke her cheek when Stark coughs a little "My priestess, it's time you got some rest" i see the smile he has for her, the same i had for nyx, Angel's mother. "Take care of her boy" I lead her to him as she takes his hand and they walk down to her room. Back to business. I soon enter my chambers to see the devil herself laying in my bed "mm.. my dark lover has returned" she's purrs out at me, I pull a fake smirks and lean over her "I couldn't stay to far from my queen" She smiles as I kiss her in a dark passion placing us in an embrace of my wings, I didn't want to do this but if its to gain your trust nyx I will do anything.

Stevie Rae's P.O.V
"So let me get this straight, You're now Angel's warrior, Kalona is on our side and trying to protect us and to prove it he got one of those creatures to now watch over us" Stark nodded "Oh and Kalona is Angel's uncle, which means Nyx is her mother, Erebus the guy Neferet refers to as Kalona is actually Kalona's brother Erebus who is Angel's father" Now that was the fact that made all our jaws drop "WHAT?!" we all shouted at him, he glared at us all and hissed for us to shut up as Angel stirred in his arms murmuring something before falling asleep again as Stark kisses her hand "Yup" he replied simply in a whispering tone, we all sat in silence wondering what to question next when jack stuck his hand up making damien smile "What is it Jack?" he blushed before clicking back "oh. umm I was going to suggest if we all went to be and that way we can think through this then think of a plan in the morning-" "Don't worry about a plan i already have one" Angel sat up blinking slowly "I'm going to use make-up to cover my new marks that way Neferet won't realise, You guys need to go back to lesson so i can follow all raven mockers routes around the school at all times, next i'll let Dragon and Lebonia know what's happening and get a couple teachers with us" Aphrodite scoffs "What about actually getting out of here?" "That's what tomorrow for, we're not leaving tomorrow, once i memorise every guard's movements i can think about when to pull a distraction and i need to find a way out and how we'll get far away fast" I smile to her "I'm with you there A" the twins agreed not long after them so did the rest "But like jack said we need to rest" At the moment i began to realise how tired I was as we all nodded before departing to ours rooms. Not long after I lay in bed thinking over whats happened so far.

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