Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


11. Erin's P.V.O

Erin's P.VO

I awoke to the blaring noise of my alarm hearing Shaunee stumble out of bed and shut it off before tugging my covers off me making me shiver and new coldness of the winter weather, which soon mad me pause over the thought of winter. 'It's been 4 months since Angel died after rejecting the change... and her birthday is today..she would of turned 16.' Tears welled up in my eyes as I stood and grabbed my clothing, we all missed her so much even if it was 4 months ago. I came out and looked up at Shaunee seeing her looking at the photo that we were going to give Angel as her gift. The photo was all off us at the start of this year outside in the snow celebrating her last birthday. Shaunee whimpered as I hugged her "Let's be strong for her, let's make everyone think of her today" We both smiled before heading out to the assembly hall as we met Damien cuddling Jack ,Stevie-Rae getting the candles out and Stark laughing with the new girl Zoey who was clearly flirting and pressing herself against him a little whilst he held her a little. Part of me hated him that he was trying to get with another girl but I knew it was so he could hold himself back from Angel and get over her death. I went to Stevie-Rae and started to help her for later ons ritual by building the circle with my smudge stick as Shaunee came and placed the candles in there places. The whole room went silent as I looked up to see Neferet waltzing in gracefully but today she seemed off and then everything seemed off. "My gifted children.. I bring your words for your show tonight I hope you dazzle us again with what Nyx has given you" She smiles slyly as if plotting something.

Something was really off today since we spoke to Neferet and with the way I now look in the assembly hall seeing people i've never seen before guard the exits and entrances of this room. I turned to the rest and whispered to save us from unwanted ears "Guys something isn't right. Neferet has gotten people to block off the doors" They looked in concern when suddenly Damien and Jack came rushing in looking distressed. "Sorry we're late but this is serious, so when angel died we fitted a camera into the the morgue to see if they really do die. we had given up and we wanted to go remove it but when I looked at the monitor today Angel was gone. As in she was laying there on the table completely out of life and now she's gone." My brows furrowed at the scene as Stevie-Rae shook her head "Let's just get this ritual done and then we'll go look at where she possibly had gone if she is alive. Look let's just get in place and do this" We all nodded before getting on stage as Neferet introduced us as Erik got in front of us and started reciting the poem. As the words were spoken and Neferet welcomed our elements I realised this was wrong the words were to awaken something. I then realised the words were talking about earth being a sacrifice and turned to Stevie-Rae. "Get out of here now! This isn't right!" Her eyes widened when I shouted towards her before she cried out "I can't my body won't move!" Suddenly Neferet laughed before shouting out "Angel my little child! kill the sacrifice" I trembled in fear and tried to move but my body was frozen as Angel stood out from the shadows smirking rolling a knife between her fingers. Only this wasn't Angel...She was something else, her marks were blood red like her eyes and she glowed a black aura slightly. Stevie-Rae had tears falling as she whimpered "Angel your being controlled! Remember me? Stevie-Rae your best friend who would annoy you a-about my cowboy shoe light...p-please don't do this..." She was crying as Angel slightly hissed at us "Pathetic.." and before we knew it our bodies were free and Stevie-Rae layed on the stage with a blade protruding through her stomach. We rushed to her as her blood leaked across the stage as Angel took a small tube of it and handed it to neferet when Shaunee stood "HOW COULD YOU THAT WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND! YOU DIDN'T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT IT!" Shaunee went to go punch her but Angel laughed and grabbed her wrist tightly snapping it like a twig "Shaunee!! Water protect her and wash back her attacker!" Water built a wall in front of Shaunee before growing bigger as it shoves Angel back sending her into the row off chairs whilst we grabbed Stevie-Rae and ran through the open doors round back when suddenly a creature of half raven and half man squawked at me before I screamed and pushed it back with water before running ahead and opening the secret tunnel to get out of here and got everyone in the last thing I saw was a guy with big black wings come flying out and neferet in his arms as Angel watched us leave smirking.

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