Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


6. Erik's P.V.O


Man my head hurt...Though technically I hurt all over, ever since Angel slapped me. It just went by in a blur as I think over it. I sat on the hospital bed waiting to be checked out when I notice the new kid Stark being wheeled in unconscious 'Did Angel do that to him?..crap..I think i'm glad I got out the way I did' I watch him move slightly groaning a little when suddenly a doctor comes to me "Erik Night? You got knocked into a wall or something?" I nod as he tilts my head back a tiny bit and shines a light into my eyes.."Well you look like you got lucky, you're able to follow the light. If you head hurts just take some painkillers and get some rest" He smiles a little turning his light off and putting it away. "Hey sir? What happened to him?" I look towards Stark "A girl got her powers and accidently sent him flying" He laughs a little. 'So angel now has powers?' I take once last glance at him before standing and leaving the infirmary not even giving me a second of quiet before Aphrodite comes running my way. "ERIK! your ok!! That bitch Angel is going to pay for what she did to you! I mean who does she think she is?!" She shrieked down my ear so I covered her mouth with my hand "Aphrodite... just cause I look ok doesn't mean you can scream at me. It's sweet you were worried but please..just please shut up for one moment." She nods but I see the glare in her eyes from telling her to be quiet so I sigh and cuddle her. I look up to see Angel walking out the dorms so I grab Aphrodite and pick her up as her legs wrap around me, she smirks "Erik..you should've just asked if you're in the mood..I would be more than welcome to help.." She whispers seductively in my ear. Ok I don't like this girl, I wish I was dating Angel instead, but sometimes she can be really sexy. I groan and kiss her gently before making it needy as I slip my tongue into her mouth making her moan a little, I start walking her towards the dorms as I lay her in my room on the bed grinding myself against her as she slips my shirt off and i yank hers off back when suddenly she rolls us over before slipping down my body leaving kisses as I groan when she reaches my boxers taking them off before slipping her mouth on me making me moan. 'This is going to be a long night...' I groan again as my mind blanks out from pleasure..


I wake up to the feeling of a warm soft body next to me "mmm Angel..." "Angel?! Why you talking about that loser?!" My eyes opened wide to see a very angry Aphrodite sitting up with brows furrowed. I gulped knowing I was dead meat by the end of this, "Baby it's not what it meant..I was dreaming of Angel" The intensity of her death glare grew "No! I mean i was dreaming of hurting her?" Aphrodite slapped me hard and started getting changed "Well go ahead and dream of the loser! We're done!" She leaves my room slamming the door as I winced before laying back smiling a little. "Heh...that was the best argument end ever...i'm fucking free from that bitch." I chuckled before closing my eyes again letting myself drift off back to sleep.

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