Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


13. Erik's P.V.O and Stark's P.V.O


Before I knew it I slammed onto the brake as sons of Erebus stood outside the gates. I jumped out "Let us in, One of the students are wounded!" A guy i knew from a class I taught smirked at me. "Sorry but request from Neferet herself. She wants those who ran dead" My eyes widened as I turned to shout Erin to drive out of here when suddenly a voice stopped me "Shoot them and i'll kill you myself, Kalona says he wants them an i'm here to help the Bow boy" I turned to see Angel sitting on the wall her eyes still red like blood as she smirks. She jumps down and walks towards the truck "Where's the wounded arrow?" I growled "His name's Stark. You know that." She winced a little before glaring at me as Brandon comes out with Stark she suddenly takes him from Brandon's arms and carries him into the building, I go to follow but they stop us "You lot are going to the dorms." As we walked in we saw Angel go the opposite way from us to the infirmary, I spot at the last second her hands glowing slightly as she heals him with her magic. Stevie-Rae noticed the same as she mumbles to me "Maybe she's not as evil as she looks...she might just be lost over the fact she died and her waker was Neferet, we don't know what she went through" she looked at me with eyes searching for understanding, I nod to her and place my hand on her back walking with her to the dorms "Let's just hope she knows she's not alone...maybe we can save her.." We entered the room to see nothing was different when suddenly Lebonia, Anastasia and Dragon all came in and hugged us "You guys are ok!" we all smiled as I looked to Anastasia and Dragon I could tell they were upset about Angel and everything that's happened, I gave a small smile of reassurance but all I could see was so much pain they couldn't bare it anymore. I looked to Darius "Who ever gets to the the room first gets the window view." I laughed at him him before we both run upstairs battling, of course, he won but it lightened the mood as I heard everyone laughing downstairs as Aphrodite calls me and him immature for our age. I sigh and sit beside Darius "What is going on...This really shouldn't be happening." He nods in acknowledgement "Everything should be ok. Once Stark recovers we'll get out of here." He pats my back smiling "It's gonna be ok" I nod and look at the floor hoping everything clears over soon.

Stark's P.O.V

I groaned into relaxation as I woke up in warmth instead of snow, I suddenly had a wash over of pain making me whimper when suddenly a hand strokes through my hair making my open my eyes to meet white hair. She didn't look at me as she sung to herself quietly stroking my hair as if to relax me ,which it did, I took her hand in mine and mumbled "I knew you'd change...I knew you were good-" She turned around smirking with bright red eyes, "Oh i'm not good it's just orders from the fallen one to help you heal" She laughed and helped me sit up as I quickly took her hands in mine and pulled her onto the bed with me, "mhm...is that why you're always looking for one of my hands to hold..?" she growled a little but in seconds stopped as blue flashed in her eyes when suddenly the door slammed shut down the hallway making Angel jump and her eyes turn back to that menacing colour. Angel turned around and her hands glowed "What are you going to do?!" I panicked as her eyes glowed and she sat on my lap again and leaned in to touch my chest "Don't worry i'm only going to heal you. I won't bite you or anything" she laughs as I smile at the I missed so much over the past 4 months. She soon starts to chant olde magic as my body soon starts to heal under her palms with no pain, I sigh in relief as the burning sensation of my wounds left me only to look up and see Angel close to me, I cupped her face as she jolts slightly at the touch but smiles revealing the ice blue eyes i fell in love with "There's my girl.." I murmur and sit up kissing her crescent mark on her forehead as i watched blush form on her cheeks "Hey you ok there...?" She looks up "Stark, I will never truly be the same ok?" She pulled away and stood away from the bed as I watched her eyes turn back to red. "You think that but i'm going to change your mind and bring you back..break you free of Neferet's Darkness. I promise even if I have to kill those monsters in the sky" She laughs a little with false hope "Don't waste your breath.." She then grabs her sword and leaves the room as I wince at the sound of the shutting door.

By an hour later I was walking to the dorms to meet with the others when I walked into the main room with some guy having his blood being drunk by some girl. I took a double take on the girl as I realised it was Angel and the guy was gripping her to push her away, I grab Angel by the waist and pull her off as she lets go and twists in my arms elbowing me in the ribs as the guy scrambles to run off. "What the fuck Angel?! When did you start drinking from people!" She smirks "It's the new thing, you should try it sometime" I grimaced at the way her whole attitude has switched. "They miss you, Anastasia and Dragon.." Her stature stiffened at the mention of the names "Like I care. They haven't bothered with me since I came back to this damn school after I left having the abnormal life of being a fledgling and going to a humane school." I shake my head "Angel we are a humane school, the only reason we aren't is when people like you are biting into another's throat" She growled a little and stood backing away "Why don't you go to your friends..." "They're your friends as wel-" "They were my friends, they showed they're not anymore earlier.." I stood and grabbed a napkin and came up behind her "Angel I know you there on the inside, the sensitive girl that saved me that one night at my house as well as my mom, the same girl that blurted out about my body when you showed me around.." She whimpers a little as I turn her and wipe the blood off her lips "I told you not to waste your breath!" She pushes me back but I grab her by the waist and fall back against the wall with her in my arms "I'm not." I bent down and kissed her as the muscles in her back untensed and she slightly leant against me, I smiled as we kissed for a few moments before she pulled back and slapped me "You are now stay away from me" She growls before leaving the room. I stood there stunned and sighed smiling before heading up to the room where the others were "Stark we're leaving here ASAP" The twins started out as my brows furrowed "No until i get something worked out, "I hate to admit it Stark but the twins are right, you better get this thing sorted soon cause we're not safe here" Aphrodite stood to my other side, I sighed and thought over the events as my head began to hurt. "GUYS! Stark is still in no good condition for us to break free of here! Ya'll need to consider him as well" They sighed and left with damien and jack and it was just me and Stevie-Rae. I smile a little "Tha-" "Don't try and act innocent, I saw you and Angel downstairs arguing before ya'll be tongue wrestling" I wince at the sound of her tone but she smiles "You didn't notice her eyes were blue when she left the room though.. Stark I agree with you the whole way. Angel is still there. You just need to find her" She sits me down "I trust you will Stark. and if the others leave without you finishing your task i'll stay back with you or try and give you more time" She smiled and left and as the door shut I fall back passing out 'Well fuck'.

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