Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


9. Damien's P.O.V


'I thought this couldn't get any more worse but it seemed more shit was going to hit the ceiling.' I left stevie and stark with the twins as I walked towards the infirmary only to see a zipped up body being led out, my heart cracked as I saw dragon and anastasia Lankford crying over the loss of her life. 'Angel was their foster-child... after she had suffered through trying to live a normal non vampyre life and yet was abused by her human foster parents... No one knew who her real parents were. She was alone if i'm being honest.'  I felt a small but masculine figure hug me from the side saying that they were sorry as I turned to see it was sweet little Jack my feelings didn't even matter at this point as he looked up with puffy eyes from crying so I picked him up gently and cuddled him knowing we weren't alone anymore. I walked to the dorms to see the girls cuddling stark crying along with his broken sobs so I joined in with jack attached to me before realising after a while we no longer had anything left to cry from we just sat there in silence broken over the fact that the person who brought us all together was gone and was alone again. I was the first to sigh before going to say something when in comes crashing Aphrodite with her gang of bitches. "Awww don't worry dorks i'm here now so you wont have to be sad anymore" I tensed with my jaw set as I felt Jack grip at my shirt when Becky looked down at us "Wow gay much?" She laughed soon being joined by monica when suddenly Stark stood and slapped them both making my eyes widen as all you could see was pure hatred towards them. 

"Why don't you all just shut the fuck up?! Go take your skimpy arse's back to the trash because at this moment it's where you belong!" They looked at him in shock before backing away as he took a daring step closer when suddenly Aphrodite pressed herself against him "What's wrong baby?" She pouted before screaming a little when he shoved her back "THIS IS YOUR DAMN FAULT YOU HAG FROM HELL! SHE'S DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU, SHE'S DEAD BECAUSE YOU PUT HER IN HOSPITAL AND MADE HER TOO WEAK!" Aphrodite shook with fear as the whole room was pure silent when Dragon entered and put a hand on Stark's shoulder. "My son I know your broken from the recent incident that's happened but blaming another isn't the best way to de-" I stood and looked at the professor in pure anger "Mr. Lankford with all due respect that recent incident was your foster child dying after rejecting the change! Not someone stealing something personal so cut the teacher act and go mourn like a true parent"  I snapped at him watching as his skin goes pale with dread "Y-You're right...im sorry... we're all under a lot of things from today lessons have been cancelled for this evening. goodnight students and thank you damien from reminding me" He gives a gentle sad smile before leaving as I go to Stark and help him to our room sitting him down before plopping beside him "Hey...wanna talk about it?" He shook his head a little before hesitating "We were laughing in the infirmary and she looked so happy, i decided I was going to ask her out and she was about to reply but all that came out from her mouth was blood and she was crying looking scared as I held her and doctors tried to help but it was too late.." He broke into tears and I tried to calm him before getting into my own bed leaving him space.

''Todays been one hell of a day..' I sighed before letting myself fall asleep from emotional exhaustion. little did I know that things were about to get worse 

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