Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


7. Aphrodite's P.V.O


'That Bastard! How dare he call me by the name of that loser!' I made my way to the lounge room seeing Angel sitting at the table eating a granola bar and drinking a cup of orange juice "Hey whore! You're gonna pay for being born!" She looked up looking like a deer in headlights before she scrambled running to the door but i grabbed her by the jacket and punched her across the face. "You stole my fucking boyfriend you little shit!" I kicked her in the gut with my heels when suddenly she pushed me over the couch and ran out the dorms. I growled in frustration getting up from the floor before chasing after her down the hallway "Loser get back here!" I went to reach for her jacket when she slipped through the partly open running for the horse stables. I smirked and picked my pace up and just before she ran through the buildings doors I tackled her to the floor punching at her face as she cried out for help when suddenly I was lifted into the air away from Angel and she was picked up gently in a bridal way "Aphrodite that's enough!" I pouted before becoming scared "What's going on here?!" Professor Lankford storms in before noticing that loser in pain "Angel! Are you ok? Darius take her to the Infirmary to get her checked out immediately" The warrior nodded before running off as I was set down. "Aphrodite what got into you just then?!" "Well that girl is a boyfriend stealing slut of a loser that was gonna pay!" I spat out as my anger washed over me again "That's enough of that young lady. Detention for the next two weeks and you'll be helping Lebonia with the muck in the horse stalls. Do I make myself clear?!" I nodded before leaving the place as Dwayne crashes straight into me "Watch it you big oaf." I snarled at him "Woah someone's on that time aren't they?" He chuckled mocking me with a pout  "Well you're not the one who's lost their boyfriend and now has to clear shit up for the next two weeks!" I stomped off. Yes it was childish but I'm known for being a spoilt brat. Angel is still gonna pay sooner or later and so is that nerd herd!


2 hours later


I sat in class seeing Erik all smiles with girls as I now realised he was waiting for me to dump him. 'That sneaky bastard..! Two can play at that game' I smirk as Stark sits beside me in history. "So Stark I heard you just got out of the infirmary. Poor you, If you want I can chill with you later in the library of something?" I look at him after questioning him only to see he'd completely ignored me! "Hey stark!" He turned to me with his jaw set "Just because you haven't made it big news to the school yet doesn't mean I don't know what you did to Angel. I'm not interested in stupid stuck up slags like you. I feel sorry that Erik who's a douche himself has to put up with you. so back off." He turned back to his work tapping his pencil on the table as the whole class looked at me for a second shocked that I was backfired completely. "Whatever..." I muttered. As the bell went my phone went off "Dad? is everything alright?" "No! Nothing is alright as you'd put it! I've just been in touch with Professor Lankford and heard of what you did today! You are a disgrace to the school and this town! I don't want to hear a single excuse from you ever again cause i'm disgusted by you!" The phone suddenly went dead as I hung him up and turned my phone off. 'Great, Lost my boyfriend, I'm clearing shit up for two weeks, I've just been humiliated and My parents abhor me...' I sigh and get up to go meet with my girlies knowing they'll fill me in on gossip till I forget everything.

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