Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


14. Angel's P.V.O

I growled at what Stark had just done. 'Doesn't he understand i will always be evil!' I slammed my fist into the bathroom mirror scaring off the girl in there before looking at my bleeding fist. I sigh before looking up at them mirror to see my blue eyes, my brows furrow as i blink shaking my head before checking my reflection again. Blue eyes. I panic when I realise what will happen if Neferet or Kalona sees me like this! I open the door and check both ways before bolting it down towards the dorms forgetting about the pain in my hand, I was just about to reach the door when Kalona comes out from the other side making me turn so my back was to him as I suddenly see Neferet coming towards me from where I had just been. 'I'm screwed. what do i do?!' My breathing quickens as the both of them come closer when suddenly i'm pulled into a dark room making be tumble back onto the floor. I go to attack the person who grabbed me when suddenly i'm pinned down to the floor "Angel it's me..Stay quiet ok?" I tried recognising the voice coming from the boy's lips but it wasn't getting to me. 'Stark..? no, i made it clear he shouldn't come near me...though it doubt it would stop him. Erik...No he hates me..' I groan a little as my head began to hurt from the blood loss and the hit i got when being pinned down "Hey you ok Angwel..?" That baby voice hit me "Darius?!" He doesn't say anything but just pulls me up and cuddles me "I'm glad your ok.." I kick him and growl "Back off, I'm evil if you don't remember. so why don't you go back to the barbie slag and play ken?" I stand to leave knowing it was now safe when he presses me up against the door "How about I grab you the rest of us leave and we sort you out? how about we fix yo-" "Is that all you think of me?! that you need to keep fixing me!! I don't need fixing so go to hell!" I blast him back with air before leaving the room and running, I soon became tired and dizzy as my head pounded inside my skull, I groan again and try making it to the infirmary but collapse to my knees then my face. I whimper before smiling as I notice the sun rising. 'Maybe this torture will end now..' The light hit my hand as my skin began to burn and i cried out in pain but didn't bother to move, the pain soon raised up my arm and hiss in pain feeling my body weaken, I begin to cry as I realised how alone I am and to be dying on my own. My eyes close in drowsiness as the burning moved along the exposed skin off my torso and legs knowing it will soon reach my face. "I'm sorry" I don't know who i was apologising to all I knew was that i was sorry maybe hoping someone will save me... the burning reached my neck as more tears fall when suddenly i'm in the shade in someone's arm as then mumble my name over and over, I crack one eye open and whimper "H-Heath...?" He smiles "I got you ok? I got you baby..." I whimper again before passing out into his arms the last thing I feel are his lips pressed against my crescent mark on my forehead.

Heath's P.O.V:

I hold her limp form in my arms before standing throwing my jacket over her and heading towards the dorm room. I reach there and open the door to meet some students I recognized before, then I heard the Oklahoma tone to a blonde girl "Hey, Ya'll why's there a human is the dorms?" I turn to meet Stevie-Rae. "Stevie I need your help-" "Heath? as in Heath Luck?! OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN FOREVER! Ya'll this is Heath Angel's oldest friend!-" "Stevie! this is not the time for introductions!" I pulled my jacket off Angel's body as Stevie-Rae's eyes widened in fear "Is she..." "No but she isn't exactly in a safe condition to be counted alive. She needs medical attention, sadly I don't have any and this school has gone down in flames. Dragon contacted me to get my family away but I stayed to see what really had gone so wrong." Two boys walked in holding hands as the small blonde boy gasped and the taller brunette eyes widened in horror as another brunette much bigger and taller is behind before pushing past not even bothering to question "Stevie-Rae go to the infirmary and make sure it's empty, You" He pointed to me "CAREFULLY, follow her, make sure not to be seen. I will be right behind you, I just need to grab Stark for help." I nod and follow Stevie-Rae down the elongated hallway before entering a white room where a boy with brown hair looked up "Rae?- ANGEL?! what happened!!" "Stark, Darius is looking for you to help with this!" Stark pulls the curtains back to one of the beds as he looks to me to put Angel on it. As I place her down I hear a weak breath leave her as the boy took one of her hands carefully and kisses it, tears falling down his eyes. Soon the boy named Darius runs in sees Stark "I know you care a lot but i'm gonna need your help with this." He sniffles and nods before grabbing bandages and equipment as I look to Darius "She needs blood dude, Human. I can give that to her." He nods as I remove my jacket and grab my blade cutting across my arm then cradle Angel in my other arm pressing the wound to her lips "Come on baby...I got you, I know your there..." I kiss the top of her head when I groan feelings teeth pierce into my arm round the wound "There we go..keep going.." She holds the arm and continues drinking as I slowly start to feel myself linking with her mentally, I smile knowing we hand imprinted meaning i can feel her emotions and be closer to her but my smile soon faltered as Angel pulled back and turned around to face me nuzzling my neck before biting into it. I groan again when suddenly I begin to feel dizzy and Darius comes from behind Angel and grabs her "Angel let go of him, you're taking too much blood!" She growls when he tugs at her hips and kicks him sending him to the floor before suddenly He grabs her ankles and Stark grabs Angel gently and takes him into her arms as her red eyes turn blue and she looks at me "H-heath??...Oh god w-what did i-" I didn't hear the rest as i smiled before dropping onto the bed passing out.

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